Ahozko Tradizioa Baztan

Record Towns Dialects Maps Main theme Title Informant
ATBA-001 Farmers’ lifestyle. Communal work. Whitewash. Ferns. Chestnuts. Old houses in Oronoz. Social classes. Zozaia. Maquis. Young people: boys and girls. Names of the months. Witches. Lamiae. ORONOZ.1
ATBA-002 Cleaning: house, body, laundry. Clothes. Slaughtering pigs. Dairy products. Preserves. Drinks. Weddings. Maternity: The tile on your head. Remedies. Beliefs. Witches. Lamiae. ORONOZ.2
ATBA-003 Zozaia. Fiestas celebrated in the village. Sisters. Children. Clothes. Remedies. ORONOZ.3
ATBA-004 Livestock. Common lands. Smuggling. Songs. Religion. Sayings about the villages. Children’s games. ORONOZ.4
ATBA-005 History of Oronoz. Weddings. Single mothers. Tobacco smuggling. Stories of priests. Anecdotes. Carlist wars. Easter. Quarry. Mugairi. ORONOZ.5
ATBA-006 School. Children’s games and songs. Witches. Women´s clothes. Cleaning: laundry, house. Leafing corn. Remedies. Stories of people from Ezkurra. ORONOZ.6 ZIGA.2
ATBA-007 Baztan: name and history. Urtsua. Religion. Bells. Death. ARRAIOZ.1
ATBA-008 Laundry. Children’s songs. Registers. Houses in the past. Dressing and combing hair. Single mothers. Arranged marriages. Dairy products. Slaughtering pigs. Remedies. Bees. ARRAIOZ.2
ATBA-009 Work in the forest. Fiestas celebrated in the village. Free time. Verses. Witches. ARRAIOZ.3
ATBA-010 Religion: altar boys, sacraments… Four palaces in Arraioz. Witches and inquisition. Laxo (pelota). ARRAIOZ.4
ATBA-011 Fiestas celebrated in the village. Work as sister. Shoes. School. Basque language. Food. Youngsters’ things. Time of war. How people used to dress. Espadrilles. Making thread. Witches. Bees. Agriculture. Ferns. Whitewash. ARRAIOZ.5
ATBA-012 Gamekeeper. The forest. Wild mushrooms. Preserves. Youth. Free time. Sayings about the villages. The oldest houses in Baztan. ARRAIOZ.6
ATBA-013 Working wood. Doctrine. Witches. Lamiae. Kaikus. Time of war. Work in the forest. Smuggling. Orabidea. Fiestas celebrated in the village. Song with the names of the villages. ARRAIOZ.7 LEKAROZ.8
ATBA-014 Work as maid. Social classes. Tenants. Weddings. Women’s lifestyle. Food. Remedies. IRURITA.1
ATBA-015 Communal work. Smuggling. Wild mushrooms. Mutil dantzak (dances). Tower of Irurita. Witches. Sayings about the villages. Palaces in the village. IRURITA.2
ATBA-016 Agriculture. Work in the fields. Livestock. Smuggling. Old time. Elizondo market. The train. IRURITA.3
ATBA-017 House in the past. How to make bread: utensils, cornbread, marrakuku, buns… Family. Basque language. Religion. IRURITA.4
ATBA-018 Bakers. Post-war period. Rationing. Old time. Fishing. Hunting. Time as a soldier. Religion. Agotes. Fiestas celebrated in the village. IRURITA.5
ATBA-019 School in the years of the republic. Children’s games. Songs. Cleaning: laundry, body, house. Smuggling. Remedies. IRURITA.6
ATBA-020 Bus driver. La Baztanesa. IRURITA.7
ATBA-021 Food. Work as maid. House in the past. School. Weddings. Pregnancy. Religion. Wild mushrooms. IRURITA.8
ATBA-022 Music. Dance. Anecdotes. Time of war. Post-war period. Smuggling. Emigration. Agotes. Spells. Baztan coat of arms. Relationship between villages. Bandits from Lantz. LEKAROZ.1
ATBA-023 Fiestas celebrated in the village. Religion. Smuggling. Market. Lamiae. Prayers. LEKAROZ.2
ATBA-024 Remedies. Witches. Spells. Anecdotes. Baztandarren Biltzarra. LEKAROZ.3
ATBA-025 Children’s games. Children’s talk. Children’s songs. Registers. Religion. House in the past. Food. Clothes. Witches. Remedies. LEKAROZ.4
ATBA-026 Riddles. Sayings. Witches. Lamiae. Samson. Sayings about the villages. Remedies. Beliefs. Work as sister. Single mothers. Weddings. LEKAROZ.5
ATBA-027 Teacher in Almandoz and Gartzain. Basque-language school. Fiestas celebrated in the village. Family. Sayings about the villages. Riddles. Remedies. Children’s games. LEKAROZ.6
ATBA-028 Mill. With the American soldiers. Cook. Time as a soldier. Time of war. Maquis. Fiestas celebrated in the village. Social classes. Weddings. LEKAROZ.7
ATBA-029 Smuggling. Infernuko errota mill. Witches. Time of war. Songs. LEKAROZ.9
ATBA-030 Fiestas celebrated in the village. Hunting. The moon. Wild mushrooms. Smuggling. Nicknames. GARTZAIN.1
ATBA-031 Work as maid. Women’s lifestyle. Free time. Elizondo. Basque language. School. Soldiers. Brother Etxalar. Religion. Post-war period. Protecting the house. GARTZAIN.2
ATBA-032 Work as maid. Women’s lifestyle. Farmhouses in the past. Food. Making cheese. Basque language. Elizondo. Sayings about the villages. Relationships between Malerreka and Baztan. Remedies. GARTZAIN.3
ATBA-033 Agriculture. Post-war period. Smuggling. Executed in Berroeta. Craftwork. Basque language. Songs. Urtsua. Witches. Folk healers. GARTZAIN.4
ATBA-034 Women’s lifestyle. House in the past. Protecting the house. Religion. Clothes. Food. How to make bread. Slaughtering pigs. Weddings. Remedies. Witches. Beliefs. GARTZAIN.5
ATBA-035 Work in the quarry. Hunting. Wild mushrooms. Measurements. School. "Gentiles". Woodcutters. GARTZAIN.6
ATBA-036 Food. Houses in the past. Remedies. Protecting the house. Inheritance. Smuggling. Maternity. Children’s games. Slaughtering pigs. Sayings about the villages. Witches. Lamiae. ELIZONDO.1
ATBA-037 Basque language. Politics in days of the war. Flood. Baztandarren Biltzarra. Verses about the villages of Baztan. Anecdotes. ELIZONDO.2
ATBA-038 There did not use to be cars. Free time and culture. Basque language. Music. The choir. Weddings. Song: Andre nobia. Bertsolari championship. Biography of Mariano Izeta. Floods of 1913. Iturrieder. Mines. Trinquete. ELIZONDO.3 ELIZONDO.4
ATBA-039 Remedies. Slaughtering pigs. The bar. Basque language. Witches. Beliefs. Agotes. ELIZONDO.5
ATBA-040 America. Shepherding. The United Sates and Argentina. Fiestas celebrated in the village. ELIZONDO.6
ATBA-041 Friars from Lekaroz. Bandits from Lantz. Basque-language school. Witches. Lamiae. Sayings about the villages. ELIZONDO.7
ATBA-042 Clothes. Saint Anthony. Songs. Prayers. Fiestas celebrated in the village. Religion: sacraments. Weddings. Death. ELBETE.1
ATBA-043 Time of war. Maquis. Smuggling. Agriculture. Remedies. Whitewash. Communal work. Fiestas celebrated in the village. Agotes. ELBETE.2
ATBA-044 World War I. Time of war. Post-war period. Social classes. Weddings. Death. Smuggling. Anecdotes. Urreputzu. Religion. Chestnuts. Lime furnace. Sayings about the villages. Witches. ELBETE.3
ATBA-045 Agriculture. Mines. America. Tileworks. Single mothers. Weddings. Fairs. Basque language. Religion. Fiestas celebrated in the village. Mills and measurements. Sayings about the villages. Remedies. Witches. Lamiae. ELBETE.4
ATBA-046 Shepherds in America. Smuggling. Fiestas celebrated in the village. Laxoa (pelota). Remedies. Livestock. ELBETE.5
ATBA-047 Food. Cleaning: laundry. Light. Children’s games. Basque language. Tileworks. Anecdote. ELBETE.6
ATBA-048 Common lands. School. Smuggling. Religion. Agreed marriages. Single mothers. Witches. ARIZKUN.1
ATBA-049 Time of war. Smuggling. Houses. Inheritances. Registers: you, berori.... Relationship between villages. Districts of Arizkun. Religion. Witches. Lamiae. Urtsua. ARIZKUN.2
ATBA-050 Sawmill. Fiestas which used to be celebrated in the village. Urtsua. Witches. Lamiae. ARIZKUN.3