Ahozko Tradizioa Bortiziriak

Record Towns Dialects Maps Main theme Title Informant
ATBO-001 Lifestyle on a farm: childhood and youth. Carnival. Religion. Biography. Children’s games. Witches. LESAKA.1
ATBO-002 Stories of witches and lamiae. Family stories. Family. Death. LESAKA.1
ATBO-003 Tellegia’s House in Lesaka. Social classes. The train. Women farmers. LESAKA.2
ATBO-004 How he/she started studying music. The life of musicians: walking from village to village… Carnival. Christmas, the San Fermin fiesta and other fiestas. The Arrondo bus. LESAKA.3
ATBO-005 Stages of life. Bells. Fiestas celebrated in the village. Religion. Music. LESAKA.3
ATBO-006 Creation of the Lesaka factory. Time of war. Old political stories from Lesaka. Illnesses. Sayings about the villages. Social life in Lesaka. Olentzero. Relationships between villages. Charcoal. Whitewash. Theatre. LESAKA.4
ATBO-007a Work in the quarry. Hunting. Fishing. The priest Xaldix. LESAKA.5
ATBO-007b Fiestas celebrated in the village. LESAKA.6
ATBO-007c Fiestas celebrated in the village. LESAKA.5
ATBO-007d Illnesses. LESAKA.6
ATBO-007e Fairs. LESAKA.5
ATBO-008 Working as a shepherd: looking after sheep, shearing, time spent in the countryside. Corn. Remedies. Sounds of animals. LESAKA.7
ATBO-009 Father and son, blacksmiths. Job and biography. Ways of generating light. Anecdote. LESAKA.8
ATBO-010 Common lands. Communal jobs. Quicklime pits. Ox driver. Patziku loko. Religion. Witches. Lamiae. Agotes. Anecdotes. LESAKA.8
ATBO-011 Patziku loko. Time of war. Anecdotes. Fiestas celebrated in the village. Fairs. Chestnuts. Ferns. Iron. Flax/linen. Wheat. LESAKA.8
ATBO-012a The butcher’s. A house in the village. Religion. Social classes. IGANTZI.1
ATBO-012b Time as a soldier. Biography. Anecdotes. The priest Xaldix. IGANTZI.2
ATBO-013 Vegetable patches. Vegetable patch, women’s work. Preparing the land. Recipes. IGANTZI.1
ATBO-014 Lesaka factory. Time of war. The World War. Witches. Lamiae. Anecdotes. IGANTZI.3
ATBO-015 Smuggling. 14 years playing pelota. Working as a bailiff. Postman. Witches. Lamiae. IGANTZI.4
ATBO-016a Slaughtering pigs. IGANTZI.5
ATBO-016b Removing warts. Bees. Measurements. Cider. Chestnuts. IGANTZI.6
ATBO-018 Ointments and medicinal plants. Lamiae. Witches. Verses. Nozzles. Children’s games. Chapel of la Piedad. San Juan Xar. IGANTZI.7
ATBO-019 Friends visiting new mothers. Beliefs. Jokes and anecdotes. Religion. Lamiae. Igantzi and Arantza: relationships. IGANTZI.8
ATBO-020 Religion. Altar boys. Funeral stele. Religion. Types of bell. San Juan Xar. IGANTZI.9
ATBO-021 Witches. Priests and religion. Beliefs. Carlists. Relationship with Sare. Maquis. America. Jobs. Carnival. ETXALAR.1
ATBO-022 Biography. Carlists. Religion. Communal work. Well of Paris. ETXALAR.2
ATBO-023 Etxalar foundries. Smuggling. Witches. Charcoal. Biography. ETXALAR.2
ATBO-024a Stories of the Carlist wars. The 1914 war. World War II. Maquis. Agriculture. ETXALAR.3
ATBO-024b Women in farmhouses. ETXALAR.4
ATBO-025a Charcoal. War. Smuggling. Relationship with Sare. Jobs: firewood, laundry… ETXALAR.5
ATBO-025b Laundry. Trousseaux. Meals. Graining corn. ETXALAR.6
ATBO-026 Pigeon-shooting hides. ETXALAR.7
ATBO-027 The Basque language in education. Etxalar and Sare. Children’s songs. ETXALAR.8
ATBO-028 Agriculture. Bread. Ferns. Chestnuts. Cider. Moon. Domestic animals. Slaughtering pigs. Medicinal plants. Cheese. Beliefs. ETXALAR.9
ATBO-029 Confectionary in the kitchen. Medicinal plants. Blessings. Old laurel. ETXALAR.10
ATBO-030 America. Blacksmith. Fiestas celebrated in the village. Religion. Birds. Months of the year. ETXALAR.11
ATBO-031 Balkezenea Farmhouse: layout of the house, surroundings. Customs related to the house. Tenants. Family relationships. Children’s games. Basque language. Religion. BERA.1
ATBO-032 Smuggling. Larun. Trees. Cider. San Juan market. Jobs. Sayings. Wagers. BERA.1
ATBO-033 Cleaning. Dresses, shoes. Hair. Special farmhouses. Death. Children. Fiestas which used to be celebrated in the village. Medicinal plants. BERA.2
ATBO-034 Anecdotes from army times. Smuggling. Basque language. Lamiae. To talk to animals. Domestic animals. BERA.3
ATBO-035 Mill. Tenants. Domestic animals. Hunting. Fishing. Basque language. Work in the vegetable patch. Chestnuts. Moon. Wild mushrooms. BERA.4
ATBO-036 Work in the mine: extracting the material, tools, jobs, accidents… Alkaiaga. BERA.5
ATBO-037 Fishing. Life at sea. Voyages, Newfoundland... Relationship with other villages in Cinco Villas. BERA.6
ATBO-038 Laundry. Making bread. Things about cooking: recipes. Slaughtering pigs. Tales. Anecdotes. Witches. BERA.7
ATBO-039 Carpenter’s trade. Smuggling: more money was to be made. Organisation. Itineraries. What was transported. Bees. BERA.8
ATBO-040 Biography. Hunting. The bar. Fiestas of the Virgin. Religious celebrations. Nozzles. Friends visiting new mothers. ARANTZA.1
ATBO-041 Houses. Witches. Wagers. Communal work. World War II. Chestnuts. Bailiff. Sil-dantza. ARANTZA.1
ATBO-042a Work and lifestyle of woodcutters. Charcoal. Poverty. To cure hernias. Wild mushrooms. Biography. ARANTZA.2
ATBO-042b Biography. Illnesses. The tile on your head. Songs. Witches. ARANTZA.3