Ahozko Tradizioa Malerreka

Record Towns Dialects Maps Main theme Title Informant
ATMA-001 Natural Park of Señorío de Bertiz. Bees. Chestnuts. Trees. Pedro Ziga. OIEREGI.1
ATMA-002 Biography of Pedro Ziga. Palace of Aizkolegi. Lime furnaces. Relationship between Bertiz and Oieregi. The train. OIEREGI.1
ATMA-003 Work as secretary. Graves. Death. Remedies. Wagers. Hotel of Erreparatzea. Maquis. Basque language. Beliefs. Carnival. Registers. OIEREGI.2
ATMA-004 Maquis. Smuggling. Predicting the weather. Wagers. Fiestas celebrated in the village. Anecdotes. Livestock and animals: hens, cats, sheep, dogs, donkeys, goats… OIEREGI.3
ATMA-005 The work of a shepherd. Maquis. Childhood and youth. Fiestas celebrated in the village. Witches. Smuggling. Basque language. Almandoz and Berroeta. OIEREGI.4
ATMA-006 Woodcutters. Religion. Sacraments. Fiestas celebrated in the village. Beliefs. Witches. Cuatro Pueblos highland pastures. NARBARTE.1
ATMA-007 Infancy. Laundry. Housecleaning. Food. Vegetable patches and fields. Elizondo market. Swapping. Livestock: sheep, pigs… Bees. Remedies. Maternity. Religion. Predicting the weather. The names of houses in Oieregi. NARBARTE.2
ATMA-008 Social classes: tenants. Registers. Corn. Fiestas celebrated in the village. Sayings about the villages. Witches. Basque language. School. Pig. Recipes. Giving children names. NARBARTE.3
ATMA-009 Work as seamstress. Clothes from the past. Hairstyles. Housecleaning. Remedies. Religion. Prayers. Beliefs. NARBARTE.4
ATMA-010a Work as carpenter. NARBARTE.5
ATMA-010b Jobs in the farmhouse. Predicting the weather. The names of houses in Narbarte. NARBARTE.6
ATMA-011 Woodcutters. Local pilgrimages. Wagers. Fiestas celebrated in the village. Men’s free time. The train. Basque language. Remedy. LEGASA.1
ATMA-012 School. Basque language. Work as maid. The names of houses in Legasa. Houses in the past. Religion. Food and meals. Anecdotes. Sayings about the villages. Children’s games and songs. LEGASA.2
ATMA-013 Work in the power station. Work as plumber. Mill. Measurements. Work as bailiff. Soldier in Africa. Maquis. Smuggling. Verses. LEGASA.3
ATMA-014 Remedies. Anecdotes: Uncle Juan, Uncle Patxiku, Xaldix... Cuban war. Black market and women. The train. Weddings: Dowries and wedding coins. Lamiae. LEGASA.4
ATMA-015a Sunbilla: districts and houses SUNBILLA.1
ATMA-015b Religion. Fiestas celebrated in the village. Work as seamstress. Maternity. Infancy. games... Time of war. Basque language. Songs. SUNBILLA.1 SUNBILLA.2
ATMA-016 Time of war. Maquis. Woodcutters. Guardia Civil. Relationships between villages. Mill. Chestnuts. Apple. Wild mushrooms. Livestock: cows, sheep, pigs… Children’s games. Boys and girls. Single mothers. SUNBILLA.1
ATMA-017 America. Smuggling. Anecdotes. SUNBILLA.3
ATMA-018 Verses. Carlist wars. Old measurements and tools. The work of a shepherd. Pigs. Bees. SUNBILLA.4
ATMA-020a Remedies. Time of war. Witches’ jargon. Children’s games. Religion. Basque language. Anecdotes. Santesteban. SUNBILLA.5
ATMA-020b Work in the forest. Other jobs. Children’s games. Wagers. Basque language. Farmhouses. Carnival. Anecdotes. SUNBILLA.6
ATMA-021 The spa. Death. Work in the forest. Work as drover and as ox driver. Chocolate. Fiestas celebrated in the village. ELGORRIAGA.1
ATMA-022 Elgorriaga as it used to be. Work as mayor. Carlist wars. Post-war period. Time of war. Highland pastures called Cuatro Pueblos. Communal jobs. Basque language. Whitewash. Slaughtering pigs. Ferns. Fiestas celebrated in the village. Teeth into the fire. Work as carpenter. ELGORRIAGA.2
ATMA-023 The spa. Men´s work and women´s work. Time of war and post-war period. Common lands. Communal jobs. Fiestas celebrated in the village. Witches. Dead souls. Work as carpenter. ELGORRIAGA.3
ATMA-024a Name of Elgorriaga. School and Basque. Women’s work. Work as maid. ELGORRIAGA.4
ATMA-024b The spa. Anecdotes. Bailiff. Sayings about the villages. Relationships between villages. Remedies. Dead souls. Forms of raffle. ELGORRIAGA.4 ELGORRIAGA.5
ATMA-025 Boys and girls. Women and the fiestas. Women’s lifestyle in the past. Houses in the past. Fiestas celebrated in the village. Mill. Youth. Witches. Lamiae. Anecdotes. Riddles. Verses. Sayings about the villages. Basque language. ITUREN.1
ATMA-026 Work as livestock dealer. Fiestas celebrated in the village. Time of war. Basque language. Arranged marriages. Single mothers. Relationships between villages. Religion. Wagers. Lamiae. Witches. Death. Anecdotes. ITUREN.2
ATMA-027 Religion. Time of war. Making chocolate. Wagers. Trees. Wild mushrooms. Hunting. ITUREN.3
ATMA-028 Carnival. Flax/linen. Laundry. Furnace. Jokes about Ezkurra. Thieves. Anecdotes. Agotes. Witches. Wagers. Basque language. ITUREN.4
ATMA-029 Carnival. Wagers. Chapels. Communal jobs. Agriculture. Anecdote. Verses. ITUREN.5
ATMA-030 The day of the Holy Trinity. Carnival. Women’s lifestyle. Maternity. Single mothers. People from Ituren. Midwife. Locals’ duties. Death and mourning. Beliefs. Predicting the weather. Moon. Meanings of the names of the villages. Witches. ITUREN.6
ATMA-031 Fiestas celebrated in the village. Gypsies. Work as blacksmith. Charcoal. Whitewash. Ferns. Chestnuts. Pig. Woodcutters. Work as mayor. Wagers. Time of war. ZUBIETA.1
ATMA-032 Work as sister. Maternity. Death. Communion. Weddings. Beliefs. Dead souls. Lamiae. Samson. ZUBIETA.2
ATMA-033 Women’s lifestyle. Children’s games. Weddings. Fiestas celebrated in the village. Post-war period. Santesteban. Remedies. Work as maid. Beliefs. ZUBIETA.3
ATMA-034 Remedies. Beliefs. Sayings about the villages. Relationships between villages. Prayers. ZUBIETA.4
ATMA-036 Slaughtering pigs. Food. Witches. Samson. Dead souls. Beliefs. Remedies. ZUBIETA.5
ATMA-037 Work as carpenter. Old tools. America. Grafts. Lamiae. Samson. Witches. ZUBIETA.6
ATMA-038 Agriculture. Beliefs. Tales and legends. Weddings. Wagers. Communal jobs. Games: Verses. ZUBIETA.7
ATMA-039 Old verses. Fishing. Wild mushrooms. Hunting. Wagers. Santesteban market and fairs. Religion. Remedies. Anecdotes. Foundries. Basque language. Flax/linen. DONEZTEBE.1
ATMA-040 Work of shopkeeper. District of Oteitza. Chapel of Santa Leocadia. Fiestas celebrated in the village. Mill. Fishing. Wild mushrooms. Maternity. Remedies. Event. Agotes. History of Santesteban. DONEZTEBE.2
ATMA-041 Lorry driver. Time of war: on the front. Remonte. Santesteban band. Santesteban in the past. The tileworks. The train. Anecdotes. Wagers. Making horseshoes. DONEZTEBE.3
ATMA-042 Free time. Bandera dantza (flag dance). Fiestas celebrated in the village. Agotes. Santesteban fairs. Arranged marriages. Wagers. Grass. Hunting. Agriculture. Wood. Children’s games. Whitewash. Charcoal. DONEZTEBE.4
ATMA-043a Fishing. Hunting. Wagers. Smuggling. DONEZTEBE.5
ATMA-043b Santesteban in the past. Basque language. District of Oteitza. Laurel. Slaughtering pigs. Locals’ duties. Livestock. Witches. Dead souls. DONEZTEBE.6
ATMA-044 Santesteban Council. Santesteban in the past. Social classes. Tenants. Basque language. America. Anecdotes. Old road to Pamplona. DONEZTEBE.7
ATMA-045 Vegetable patches. Protecting the vegetable patch. DONEZTEBE.8
ATMA-046a Fiestas celebrated in the village. Work in the quarry. Donamaria Mill. Smuggling. Making tiles. Name of Donamaria. DONAMARIA.1
ATMA-046b Work as sister. Weddings. Death. Food. DONAMARIA.2