Orreaga Ibarra

Recording collection of the dialects of Orreaga Ibarra. These recordings with "I-" in the beginning of the word belong to school works made by students and collaborators.
Record Towns Dialects Maps Main theme Title Informant
I-001 Several topics: Arrarats, family, ancient customs (maize, Christmas, school, pig, games), old events... Maria Zubieta
I-002a Free conversation.
I-002b Free conversation (sometimes in colloquial form): Basque language, family...
I-003 Several topics: ancient and new events. Jenovia Oskotz
I-004 A trip to Nicaragua. About her work at school. Txuri Ollo
I-005 Several topics. Questionnaire: verb and nominal morphology. Sebastian Ziganda
I-006 Several topics. María Zubieta
I-007 Free conversation, questionnaire (declination, verb, vocabulary...). María Zubieta
I-008a Free conversation: old memories, Basque language.
I-008b Free conversation: memories and old and new events. Maria Zubieta
I-009 Questionnaire: declination. Jesus Buldain, Pili Buldain.
I-010 A: free conversation. B: questionnaire (declination, vocabulary, phonetics). Jesus Buldain, Pili Buldain
I-011 A: free conversation (home, work...) B: free conversation, questionnaire (declination, vocabulary). Joaquina Aranguren, Victoriano Iriarte.
I-012 Free conversation (Basque, Spanish), questionnaire (20´) (verbal forms of colloquial form). Joaquina Aranguren
I-013 A: free conversation (Basque, the village), questionnaire (vocabulary, phonetics). B: questionnaire (10´) (vocabulary). Carmen Narváez
I-014 A: free conversation (´txondor´ (firewood pyre to make coal), Basque, diseases). B: questionnaire (vocabulary, phonetics, verb). Ceferina Abarzuza
I-015 Questionnaire: declination, verb. Free chat: Basque language´s decay. Ceferina Abarzuza
I-016a Free chat: family. Miguel Etxekonea
I-016b Fre chat: war, family. Questionnaire: verb, vocabulary. Adrián Aldaregia
I-017 A: Free chat. B: questionnaire (vocabulary and mainly syntax. Lourdes Landiribar, Joxepa Aldaregia
I-018 A: free conversation (family, village, old customs: pig). B: questionnaire (vocabulary), free conversation (Basque, old customs: maize). Mikaela Berasain
I-019a Free conversation: life, family, Basque. Mikaela Berasain.
I-019b Kruzita
I-019c Free conversation: Basque, family... Questionnaire: vocabulary, substantivizations, declination, syntax. Engracia Marturet
I-020 Free conversation: family, society. Questionnaire: syntax, verb, vocabulary. Engracia Marturet
I-021 A: free conversation (herbs, Basque language´s decay, "berorika" (polite form), cheese). Questionnaire (vocabulary, syntax, verb). B: free conversation (occupations), differences between the regional dialects. Questionnaire: vocabulary, verb.
I-022a Questionnaire: pronouns, vocabulary.
I-022b Free conversation: Basque language´s decay, Basque language´s forms. Questionnaire: phonetics, declination.
I-023a Free conversation: village, life. María (1914)
I-023b Questionnaire: phonetics, syntax, vocabulary. Free conversation: Txondorra (firewood pyre to make coal). Bautista Auza (1935)
I-024 Free conversation: family, how make black puddings and ziztor, the old washing machine, housework. Questionnaire: phonetics, declination, syntax.
I-025 A: questionnaire (vocabulary, declination, verb). B: free conversation (American family), questionnaire (vocabulary).
I-026 A: free conversation (field works, family, proverbs, health, mass, games). B: free conversation (games, family events). Questionnaire: vocabulary. María Orayen, Mónica Cía (1906)
I-027 A: questionnaire (vocabulary: pig, agriculture, mountain). B: free conversation (sheperds), questionnaire (phonetics). Cándido Narváez, Julia Goyenaga.
I-028 Free conversation: agriculture, memories of America, "berori" polite form, the delinquents of Beruete, dairy products (cheese, whey, cottage cheese), contraband, parties, Ultzama...
I-029 Questionnaire (vocabulary and phonetics) and free conversation (gypsum, where to go in celebrations, shepherds, cheese, "Santurbena"). Julia Goyenaga.
I-030 Free conversation: life, war, Basque language, dialects, old people´s home. Questionnaire: vocabulary (birds, pets, plants). Pedro Urtasun, Andrés Etxeberria , María Gerendiain.
I-031 Free conversation: medicinal herbs, plants, Christmas songs, proverbs, birds, reptiles, insects... Cándido Narváez, Julia Goyenaga, Asunción Arce.
I-032 Questionnaire: phonetics, declination, vocabulary (plants, mushrooms, reptiles...).
I-033a Free conversation: dialects of next villages, Basque language´s decay, mass and doctrine in Basque, retired people, the situation of Ultzama, talk to pets...
I-033b Free conversation: Tejero´s coup, gossips, old events, parties... Questionnaire: phonetics, vocabulary, declination. Juan Oskotz
I-034 A: Free conversation (grass); questionnaire (vocabulary). B: Free conversation; questionnaire (verb, vocabulary, accent). Julia Goyenaga, Asunción Arce, Cándido Narváez.
I-035 Free conversation, customs, vocabulary about agriculture. Julia Goyenaga, Asunción Arce, Cándido Narváez
I-036 A: Free conversation (Basque language´s decay, youth memories, village, life way, pig slaughter, wheat, Basque language´s loss in Egozkue). Questionnaire (verb, declination, vocabulary). B: Free conversation (parties, Basque, ´hitano´ colloquial form, ´berorika´ polite form, Lord´s Prayer). Questionnaire (verb, declination, vocabulary, hour...). Juanita Loperena
I-037 Cándido Narváez, Julia Goyenaga, Asunción Arce.
I-038 Next to these ones it can be heard another informant´s voice. In the tape we can read ´Proverbs, songs´. The informants usually speak Spanish. Recorded in the asylum of Gerendiain. Cándido Narváez, Julia Goyenaga, Asunción Arce.
I-039 A: free conversation (Urniza, mountain, memories, Basque language´s loss, villages of the valley); questionnaire (phonetics). B: questionnaire (phonetics, verb); free conversation (firewood transport, hunting...). Francisco Beaumont (Urniza, 1902)
I-040 A: free conversation (war; Sunday dance, health, Basque people of sorrounding area, tobacco), questionnaire (phonetics, verb); free conversation: ´hitano-berorika´, Basque language´s loss, farms of the village, neighbours and houses. Gabriel Soto Irulegui (1928)
I-041 Free conversation: home, house work, family, Basque language. Questionnaire: vocabulary, declination, verb, pronouns, sentence. Ceferina Iribarren
I-042 Fre conversation: family, village, Basque language, cooking. Graciosa Villanueva Labaien