Orreaga Ibarra


  • Record: I-027
  • Piece: A01
  • Time: 00:00:00 - 00:26:05
  • Themes: grammar:
  • Summary: Questionnaire about lexicon. To call pigs: kix-kix. Slaughtering the pig. The person that kills the pig. Knife to kill the pig. “Birika”. Kidneys. Lard. Membrane covering the liver: guts. “Kostilla”. Cecum. Big, ugly, blood sausage. Trotters. Backbone. Fat and lean bacon. Honeysuckle: plant that grows in the middle of the potato crop. Swing. Spine. Insubstantial. Ear. Bile. Guts. Dirty water, fast-flowing water. Small shepherd. Pool in the woods with mud. Pear. Crag. Turf. Rake. Smoke. Hundred. To measure. Importance, care. To remember. Crest. Broody hen. To incubate. Egg shell. Egg yoke and egg white. Run, stable. To call the hens: puuurra-puuuuurra. To scare the hens away: uuux. Sheepdog. To encourage the dogs: ax-ax, axale.