Orreaga Ibarra


  • Record: I-027
  • Piece: B02
  • Time: 00:03:28 - 00:20:12
  • Themes: grammar:
  • Summary: The word “entregu” (capable, skilled). Spring. To wash. Sharp knife. Furrow. Stinging nettles. Hoe. Handle. A mountain, I have seen an ox. A mountain. There is not a clean village. Who has arrived? Who lives here? We have arrived. A cow. A field. Girlfriend. A head. A mouse. A cat. Clear The sky is clear. The summer is over. Where did he have for dinner? Where did Pedro stay? Where did Maria appear? Where did we end up? Some men. A Christian. A night. A child. A pretty house. We were talking and the television turned itself off all of a sudden. How many rabbits are there? Not even one. What is two and two? How many are coming today? They are resting because they are tired. How many of us are there? Who did that? Me, at least. If we had money, we would buy a house. He knows as well. We do, you (sing.) do. Who knows? Who is bringing those things? Do not do anything. It is four o’clock. They are big. We are the best. We are people. We are from this house. Doubtlessly. We are young. We have no wine.