Orreaga Ibarra


  • Record: I-040
  • Piece: A06
  • Time: 00:21:10 - 00:30:25
  • Themes: grammar:
  • Summary: What it is called, sky, world, head, eye, ugly, door, wind, long, arm, in the morning, relatives, snake, neck, to go out, to have nothing, clouds, see, give, to know, woman, undressed, brother, cows, they are pretty, shepherd, more, ham, bacon, God, night, midnight, beechtree, to put on the light, peace, I am happy, body, pimple, to go, festival, Sunday, Mr. To stick, gypsy, basket, five, Friday, intestine, Thursday, three, four, I will do that, I will tell the truth, I will be good, I will give, boy, dirty, mud, cousin, cousin, a month, a thousand, I have a pain, witch.