Orreaga Ibarra


  • Record: I-041
  • Piece: A09
  • Time: 00:32:15 - 00:39:00
  • Themes: grammar: , grammar: , grammar:
  • Summary: This dog is bigger than that one,they are bigger than we are, my grandchildren love me very much, that one saw me from far away, my brother will take us in his car, I’ll give you a slap, they brought us on their backs, you have a dog, pig, bird, hill, wood, they do the things well, you spend a lot of money, it is clear it is going to rain heavily, I can see very well, you can see very well, that one sees very well, we see very well, you see very well, they see well, we’ll see each other another day, I can see myself very well in the mirror, they drink a lot of wine, I myself will do that, you yourself will do that, he himself will do that, we ourselves will do that, you yourselves will do that, they themselves will do that.