Orreaga Ibarra


  • Record: I-046
  • Piece: A05
  • Time: 00:25:45 - 00:36:05
  • Themes: grammar: , grammar: , grammar:
  • Summary: Brother, brothers, cows, I want to eat some more, bacon, ham, God, night midnight, forty, eighty, put on the light, sin, peace, I am happy, the body is not well, shepherd, Friday, Sunday, Saturday, intestines, two, I will do this, I will tell the truth, boy, dirty, bean, peas, mud, cousin, he is a hard worker, this month, a thousand pesetas, witch, grasshopper, hair, sheepĺs wool, moon, sun, nephew, the man did that, the priest has said mass, the priests have said mass, the son did the work, the sons did the work, I came on foot, I came with my son, I came with my sons, where are you going? I gave my son an apple, I gave my children an apple, I said that to the girl, I said that to the girls, this house is small, that man is tall, that girl is pretty, that person told the truth, this dog is bigger than the other one, they came from there, he came from there.