Orreaga Ibarra


  • Record: I-048
  • Piece: B08
  • Time: 00:14:57 - 00:20:55
  • Themes: anecdote , animals:
  • Summary: Breadcheese or weasel.Tales of snakes: A man who contracted workers took them to the area near Eugi and at one spot he told them not to cut there because that was where the snakes were. But one man who was brave stood there waiting for the snake and killed it but he himself also died from the fright. His father-in-law was a spoonmaker and when he was in the wood near Eugi, he saw a snake move through and he chased it. When he got to a beech tree the snake was wrapped round the tree and the man chopped it into four pieces. Another time he went to an area of wild mushrooms with his eldest son. He saw a snake half-buried in the ground there. He took up a big stone and when he throw it on the snake, the snake stuck its head out the other side. He was lucky that he had his son with him. When he was working there the owners were from Lantz. They would strike the snakes on the head with a blow and then take them up in their hands.Once he was bitten by a snake on the leg and, as he was quite far from the village, he cut a cross with his knife to clean the wound.