Orreaga Ibarra


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  • Researcher: Orreaga Ibarra
  • Main theme: Free conversation: In Germany, In France, shepherd in America...
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Etxarri (Larraun)
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There were a lot of people at home and there were no factories for work and so he had to leave the home. First he was in Irati, and later he went to France to work in the mountain because the earnings were better there. From there he went to Germany to work in a factory. Later, following the advice of a friend he had met in France, he went to America, to Calafornia as a shepherd. That work was very hard, always alone and bored. Later he went to Los Angeles to work in a slaughterhouse with two of his brothers. After coming back he continued as a shepherd because here he likes the work as the hills are smaller and the journey is shorter.
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