Orreaga Ibarra


  • Record: I-076b
  • Piece: A03
  • Time: 00:18:30 - 00:25:27
  • Themes: grammar:
  • Summary: The differences in the speech in the neighboring areas. I am from here, the priest lives far away, that one lives away, we have come, the parents have gone, you are from Pamplona (zuketa) (hiketa), you are from outside, mother has made the dinner for me, they gave me money, you have told me the truth, you gave me water, I gave bread to father, father gave nothing to the mother, we told the priest the truth, they gave a meal to their brother, you said nothing to that one, you have given fodder to the ox, our daughter brought us cheese, those ones told us a lie, I like bread, that one likes wine, our house has burnt down, a sheep has died on them, your daughter has visited you (zuketa), (hiketa), you meal has been burnt on you, father saw me, we gave milk to the children, I have milk to the children, my daughter brought me apples, they gave me pears, you bought fish (zuketa), (hiketa), we have brought bread, you have brought bread, that one saw us, I know you (zuketa), (hiketa), I saw you this morning.