Orreaga Ibarra


  • Record: I-076b
  • Piece: A05
  • Time: 00:27:20 - 00:33:10
  • Themes: grammar: , grammar:
  • Summary: I have brought some peppers, they have brought some peas, we ate some strawberries, my keys fell on me, his cousins came to him, our friends have come, the trees were burnt on them, your daughters have come (zuketa), (hiketa), I bought wine yesterday, that one brought a basket, we sold the house, they killed the pig, you took money, you bought a house (zuketa), (hiketa), you drank wine, I did a job for my mother, I gave money to them, I asked you for wine (zuketa), (hiketa), my sister gave me bread, father sold wine to that one, that one told us a lie, we gave mother the key, we gave water to them, I came late yesterday, the child arrived early, we lived away, the parents left, some children came the other day, you came walking (zuketa), (hiketa), you were here, my grandfather came to me, that one had the house burnt down, we lost the money, the cow died on them, you forgot everything (zuketa), (hiketa), they gave the key to me, the gave bread to the mother, they brought the bull to us, you fixed the door for that one (zuketa), (hiketa), you gave money to grandmother, I brought apples yesterday, that one bought plums, we brought chickens, they threw away the onions, you brought the goats (zuketa), (hiketa), you killed the pidgeons, I sold lambs to that one, I gave the keys to the girls, I brought pears to you (zuketa), (hiketa), I gave you some things.