Orreaga Ibarra


  • Recording date: 1996-8-26
  • Owner: Euskarabidea-mediateka
  • Informant: Gabriel Soto
  • Researcher: Orreaga Ibarra
  • Main theme: Free conversation: farm animals, toponymy.
  • Permission to query: Free
  • Permission to publish: Limited
  • Sound quality: Very good
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A11 00:55:30
Pathway, shortcut, junction.Field “The traveller”.The fountain of Erro: there they found bombs and they carried them to the blacksmith. He broke them and they threw the pieces to the fire. When they were yellow, they boiled the milk with them. In this way the milk had a better taste.
A10 00:50:13
Side gate, a gate with a catch, broken down.Fence: they used to be made with stakes of wood. They were connected by a pole and it was nailed down.
A09 00:43:20
Boundary markers.The people would move the boundary stones from their place. Some adecdotes.The young people don’t know where the sites are.Before there used to be a day put aside to go out and and look at the boundary stones.Each boundary had two witnesses, two slabs, one on each side. If these were not there then something had happened.
A08 00:39:20
Clay: Mixed in water it was used to make the floors. There is usually some to be found in the oakwoods. Mud: The stuff that is made on the paths from the water.Land which is not worked in the mountains and land which is no longer tilled.
A07 00:36:40
The man who worked as a courier in Orondritz would not dare to go alone to Erro after nightfall. They gave him a shotgun, but it was only loaded with powder.That man used to go with some others to Pamplona and they would have a codstew for breakfast. One time they told him to take what was leftover with him and he put it in his pocket with the oil and all from it.
A06 00:28:55
Slope, peak, the woodworm holes in the trees, cave, a protected place, a shady place, flat land, ravine, rock, a pass, a bridge, mountain (without trees), a wood, an uneven interior cave, a boulder, to stumble, river, to drown, to overflow, a dam, clear water, dirty water, boggy land.
A05 00:26:50
He never had a sheepdog.The goatsherd had his dog very well trained.
A04 00:13:30
When they were carrying the packets over the mountain they suffered from bad weather.He went more with livestock than with packets.The tale of a man: he did not not get the merchandise correct, he was barred, he went as a guide.A Civil guard began to fight with a man from Ciáurriz, the man took away his rifle and the Civil guard began to cry.When they were passing over horses from the army from Urepel, they lost their way and they were shot at from a house. That same one took part and they began to fire from a pinewood. All that over two ten pesetas. There were many Civil guards but they too could be bought.Other times the Civil guards would take the packets and when they were asleep they would tiptoe up and get them back. They would smuggle nylons, tacks, coffee.There were always spies who would control the guards. An anecdote about a spy dog.
A03 00:10:10
Shade.North wind, south, the wind from the sun (east) and from the west.To clear up (weather), fog, cloud, lightening, a flash.Some damage that the weather has caused.
A02 00:08:10
The different phases of the moon and how it influences the cutting of the wood.
A01 00:00:00
Horse fly, horsefly, mosquito, bee, wasp, fleaCricket, "lorta" (owl), worm, glow-worm, butterfly, ant, cockroach, spider, web, moth,
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