Orreaga Ibarra


  • Record: I-089
  • Piece: A04
  • Time: 00:13:30 - 00:26:50
  • Themes: smuggling , anecdote
  • Summary: When they were carrying the packets over the mountain they suffered from bad weather.He went more with livestock than with packets.The tale of a man: he did not not get the merchandise correct, he was barred, he went as a guide.A Civil guard began to fight with a man from Cißurriz, the man took away his rifle and the Civil guard began to cry.When they were passing over horses from the army from Urepel, they lost their way and they were shot at from a house. That same one took part and they began to fire from a pinewood. All that over two ten pesetas. There were many Civil guards but they too could be bought.Other times the Civil guards would take the packets and when they were asleep they would tiptoe up and get them back. They would smuggle nylons, tacks, coffee.There were always spies who would control the guards. An anecdote about a spy dog.