Orreaga Ibarra


  • Recording date: 1996-07-15
  • Owner: Euskarabidea-mediateka
  • Informant: Avelina Errea (1905).
  • Researcher: Orreaga Ibarra
  • Permission to query: Free
  • Permission to publish: Limited
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A13 00:30:33
A12 00:29:30
Snail, blackthrush, thrush, pidgeon, beard.
A11 00:28:40
Inocencio killed a snake with the scythe.
A10 00:25:20
The children play a lot. The girls clean the house, the son of the woman is good, the calf of the cow is born, field, meadow, land, plot.
A09 00:24:10
They had no wheat. They used to make bread in the Kolixia house at the same time as they did. If not, they bought the bread.
A08 00:20:55
Moņa house from Mezkiritz. Juliana told about how a very nice girl lived over there. And someone must have said: "hori neska moņa;a (moņoņa?)" (what a nice girl). The other houses: Kolixenea, Kondea, Arteria, Apesui, Modestoren etxea, Nikolasenea, Errota.
A07 00:19:33
Inocencio spoke better in Basque than he did in Spanish but he spoke to her all the time in Spanish.Her grandchildren go to the Basque-speaking school.
A06 00:16:23
The village festival was on the day of St. Christopher. In the morning there was a mass, and in the afternoon and evening there was a dance. The girls would also dance. The next morning the girls prepared the breakfast. In the evening and at night there was more dancing. It lasted for four days.The priest would get very angry when he saw the girls dancing.They would eat soup, chick beans, lamb and chicken.
A05 00:09:50
Ox, cow, calf, cock, boy, a boy, I have one boy, I have one girl, there is no priest in this village, that girl is pretty, that man is very big, that man does a lot of work, close the door, mouse, eye, ear, nose, lips, fingers, hands, at night, in the afternoon, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, in the morning, at midday.
A03 00:06:00
She learnt Basque as a young child as her parents were Basque speakers. Zilbeti was full of Basque speakers. Later they had a schoolteacher from Pamplona for many years who would not tolerate a word of Basque. And so, quite a lot was lost.Her brothers and sisters did not learn Basque. They were from the house called Juan Cruz.
A02 00:03:25
How she met her husband. She was from Mezkiritz, but she went to a house in Zilbeti to work as a serving girl. Inocencio also used to work in that house.His two sisters got married and as Felipe, the brother, went to America he was left alone in the house of his parents. They got married in Burlada. A sister of Inocencio lived there and there they had the meal. They went to Pamplona by bus.On the honeymoon they went to San Sebastian.
A01 00:00:00
Her husband was called Inocencio and he was from there. The house is called Moņa. Inocencio and Felipe used to make spoons. Later Felipe went away to America. The boxwood was taken by donkey from Sakarte and a part of the Espinal. Marco also made spoons.
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