Orreaga Ibarra


  • Recording date: 1996-09-08
  • Owner: Euskarabidea-mediateka
  • Informant: Angel Ainziburu
  • Researcher: Orreaga Ibarra
  • Permission to query: Free
  • Permission to publish: Limited
  • Sound quality: Good
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A06 00:25:10
There they also know the song about the Wandering Jew.Vertical and horizontal cave. Zikilimarro, an ugly being, used to scare the children. A Saying: "Ez badu nahi ikusi Zikilimarro, ez dezala zulotik harro" (If you don’t want to see Zikilimarro, don’t create any cause for it).There were also tales about witches. The beginning of an anecdote about a man, Basilio, who used to frighten the people with stories of witches.
A05 00:18:15
Rainbow, ash, dust.An explanation on the words and on the names of the houses.
A04 00:12:30
There was also corn. What had once been blacksmith’s were turned into mills. The "Manuelenea” blacksmith’s was very important and nearby there is a house, "Ezkilenea" (The Bell). The bell of Santa María la Real in Pamplona was taken from Valcarlos. It may have been made in that house, but nowadays it is a shack.In The Baztán there are also places where bells were made: the song “Iturengo Arotza"(The blacksmith from Ituren) gives an account of that.
A03 00:08:15
They used to plant wheat. How they would thresh the wheat. At first with a sickle, and later, with a scythe. Then they would make stacks. It was done in the bare feet. People did not tie themselves to the trees to cut the wheat on the slopes.
A02 00:06:10
The people kept bees and they would talk to them.They would observe the bees when they drank water and then they would find the beehive. Now there are less beehives than before.
A01 00:00:00
A man from Baigorri gathered bullets from around the area of Arrola. Others around the Trona Mountain.He is sure that there is gold near Valcarlos. The Carlists filled a chest of gold. You hide something under the ground and you think you will remember the spot, but the ground changes.
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