Orreaga Ibarra


  • Recording date: 1996-9-8
  • Owner: Euskarabidea-mediateka
  • Informant: Ángel Aintziburu
  • Researcher: Orreaga Ibarra
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A16 00:54:15
Cultiveated ground, meadow, fields.About the Romance of Roncesvalles.Gray, colorful, tinted with several colors. A sheep that has black specks is "nabarra". Nightfall is "ilunabarra".Ram, kept as a ram, female, to be in heat, mare, cow, sheep, goat, pig, bitch.
A15 00:49:30
"Esburuka"(?): "Han ez duk esburuka lukainkaz"(?).A place where there is fern. A fern place. At one time they put fern places in the mountain and each person took some. But between 1800 and 1850 they did some buying and selling. And now the Government has annuled them because they are not correct and there are problems. The people have not respected those places and they have planted other things there.
A14 00:48:17
He was working in the mountain. During the first years they made little money but later they had some good jobs: oak tree, alder tree, poplar tree.
A13 00:42:47
When they heard songs they would get excited and imitate their father.The things that they liked.The speaker knows French. Has always had a facility for languages.The speaker understands the Basque from Sola, as well as that of Bearnes. Poetry in Bearnes. Concerning the bearnes dialect (gascon) the likenesses and the differences with other languages.
A12 00:40:50
When his boy was still without teeth, he had worms and could not even open his mouth.They put oil in the holes of the gums and that opened the mouth.He has always been aware of the importance of these rural remedies.
A11 00:38:00
The influence of the moon on the rain, the wood, the building wood...and so on.When his boy was still without teeth, he had worms and could not even open his mouth.They put oil in the holes of the gums and that opened the mouth.
A10 00:25:30
The sheep infections were cured by boiling the bark of an elm tree.When their eyes became white as a result of the infection, some lavender was cut to measure and it was inserted in the eye. Within a couple of days it began to get better because the puss started to come out. To get rid of a rash from the skin in the sheep sulphur with flour was applied.A heart stroke in humans was cured with bloodsuckers. They were placed on a vein and it swoll up as if it would explode.When they had a “punta” (a coin was placed inside a glass along with cotton soaked in alcohol and it was set alight to make the glass suck it in).There were vets at that time to help with the birth of the young animals.The pigs who were about to be born would choke to death inside because of the hair.How they saved them. When the cows had carbuncle, the back was opened and salt was put on.A heifer had a stroke. One vet told him to kill it and another one cured it.Those who lived close to Nature knew more about it, but they have all gone now.
A09 00:23:05
Types of sheep: lambs of less than one year, of two teeth, of four teeth, with all their teeth, without teeth.Different bells: "kalaxkak"small ones, "tunpak" big ones. The big ones were put on when it was necessary to take the sheep somewhere.
A08 00:21:40
There were also wolves there. The speaker’s grandfather, when he was nine years old, left the dog fighting with a wolf and went home. They used dog collars with spikes so that the wolf could not grab them at the neck.
A07 00:17:25
The trees are in bloom.Green, lizard, wall lizard, livestock (cattle)There is a saying: If you attack a wall lizard and you don’t kill it, it would take its revenge on the livestock..Anecdote.Concerning the snakes, she doesn’t know if there are any good ones. Anecdote.
A06 00:14:50
A house which had the corners in red had a window where Liberals and Carlists very often stayed.. But they pulled it down.There was a chocolate shop, but that also was left to fall into ruin.
A05 00:11:15
They gave up making iron when the wood ran out. In "Ondarrola" they used to make canyons. The last blacksmiths.During the war in France the rails and carriages were taken over to Spain, so that the Germans would not be able to get them.
A04 00:08:45
Why they stopped making bread in Valcarlos: the bread came out bad. At first in all the houses there was limestone and the limestone cleaned the ground of microbics. Thanks to that the bread used to come out well. But when they stopped making limestone the bread began to come out bad.
A03 00:03:45
The game of pelota and the pelota courts. He knew four squares in Valcarlos. Finally they built the Main Square in 1927.There is a square which used to be a cementary. It had tombstones on the ground.They used to play on the two sides of the wall. The first to get there would get preference. They would play in school time, after masss and in the afternoons. The people were very keen on it.
A02 00:02:23
When they were shepherds they would sometimes sleep in the huts, but not always. They also would make the cheese there.
A01 00:00:00
The end of the anecdote from Basilio.We all believe in things that are not logical, in some form or other.Those who went out very little would talk about lots of strange things and those who went out a lot talked of few things.
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