Inaki Camino


  • Record: IC-002c
  • Piece: A04
  • Time: 00:07:56 - 00:15:20
  • Themes: lifestyle
  • Summary: In the old days the men were paid four pesetas per day for work with the scythe. Then the mower came in and later the tractor. She has never worked with the scythe but her husband did. She got to know her husband out strolling, at the village dance and in the church. One child has stayed at home. The others have had to leave the village because there was no work here for them. All the family get together at the fiestas. She spends the winter in Pamplona. Before, they used to eat a lot of pork. In the village there were three or four slaughtermen for the killing of the pigs. They use to kill the pigs in November.