Inaki Camino


  • Recording date: 1987-04-22
  • Owner: Euskarabidea-mediateka
  • Informant: Victoriana Goikoa Arozarena. Fermin Elizondo Barberena.
  • Researcher: Iñaki Camino
  • Permission to query: Free
  • Permission to publish: Limited
  • Sound quality: Bad
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A06 00:11:47
They used to sing songs going from house to house. But since the custom died out he has forgotten them. Now the young ones sing in Spanish. The fiestas of Orbaitzeta take place on St. Peter’s day, but the old customs have died out.
A09 00:26:11
The researcher’s car had broken down and he is using a different one. To repair a car costs a lot.
A08 00:20:31
It would seem that the tales of Joanex Iriarte have been collected in a book. A tale: A man had to go to a wedding with his donkey and he could not get it to move. In a vegetable plot he saw some red pepper pods and he decided to stick two up the donkey’s behind. He did that and the donkey was moving so fast that he could not keep up with it. So, he decided to stick a pepper pod up his own behind and in this way they arrived on time. Another tale: a married couple had a small store, and so as not to have to close the shop, the woman went off alone on her honeymoon and when she came back, then the husband went off on his honeymoon.
A07 00:13:59
The work on the land. The kitchen curtains have become black from the fire. A stairway that was recently put in has broken and they have made a claim. They have just recently fixed the stairs of the Maixterrena de Orbara house and they have put in a similiar kind of stairs.
A05 00:09:08
A Xmas carol.
A04 00:07:02
Another time there was a man working up in the high ridge above Orbara and he had his horse tied there. When the man went to untie his horse, he saw that it had taken off its harness and the horse, afraid that the man would beat him for doing that, edged away from him backwards and fell over the precipice. The man looked down over the precipice and saw how the horse was showing its teeth and laughing at the man. Angrily, the man said: “Laugh at me, would you! Well the harness is going down after you!” He took up theharness and and throw it down but as he did so the strap got caught in his legs and he went down with the harness. And there all three were left. He used to know more stories but he does not remember them now.
A03 00:05:01
The tale of the new Saint. One time, when they were fed up with their local saint as their Patron, they decided it was time to change him. Two men went down to Pamplona to buy a new figure of a new saint. They saw a shiny black saint in a shop window made from tar and they bought it. They loaded it unto the mule and headed back to the village. On the way they stopped to have some lunch. They unloaded the mule and left the saint standing on a bit of cloth in the open air. The sun soon did its work and melted the saint away. When they men came out after lunch they saw the stained cloth and exclaimed: “The old saint never did much good for us and this new one has gone and shat on the cloth and made off.”
A02 00:03:49
Tales from Joanex Iriarte de Orbara: the mole. On another occassion they caught a live mole who had been doing a lot of damage. The council decided that it had to be punished severely. Joanex proposed: “ We have to give it a punishment worse than death, we have to bury it alive.” And that is what they did.
A01 00:00:00
Cuentos de Joanex Iriarte de Orbara: el zorro Cuentos de Joanex Iriarte de Orbara: el zorro Tales from Joanex Iriarte de Orbara: the fox. One they caught a live fox who had been eating the chickens from the village houses. As they did not know how to punish it they called Joanex because he was a know-all. Joanex proposed putting straw in a circle around the fox and setting light to it. That’s what they did down at the lower end of the village where there was a field of wheat ready to be harvested. And what did the fox do? Well, he ran into the field all alight and set the wheat on fire. There’s an example of the witlessness of Joanex.
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