Inaki Camino


  • Recording date: 1983-07-22
  • Owner: Euskarabidea-mediateka
  • Researcher: Iñaki Camino
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The young people don’t speak Basque but most of them understand it. During these last years everything is said in Spanish in the street. They used not allow the people to speak in Basque and in the books everything was written in Spanish. In the village there are some boys and girls of thirteen or fourteen years who do not know one word of Basque although their parents can speak Basque. When the priests were Basque speakers they would teach Christian Doctrine in Spanish and when the liturgy was changed and Latin was erased, even though the priest spoke Basque, he used Spanish.
A04 00:18:02
On Sundays, except during fiestas, there was nothing. Just some strolls along the road until evening came in.
A03 00:13:28
In Carnivaltime they would ask for things in the houses and the lads would have a roast. The things they asked for in San Martín was for the musicians. At Carnivaltime it was the girls who gave the presents to the lads. After having lunch the "txatxos".would come out. What "txatxo" and "txatxutu" mean.
A02 00:04:04
In fiestas the tambor players would come and they would dance the “ingurutxo”.The fiestas take place in San Martín. The fiestas nowadays are quite different from the old days. The family relatives would come and yet few people would get together. When the evening bell was rung the girls had to go home while the boys would stay out in the street. In fiestas the girls would make “piperropiles” or “txuribeltza” for the lads. A description of “txuribeltza”. In the old days on the eve of San Martín, the lads would get together in the village tavern and roast chestnuts and they would go around the village singing. The musician came from Ituren.
A01 00:00:00
The plant for making cloth (linen?). It was cultivated in a piece, and when it was gathered it was beaten with some thingamejigs - One time when there was no firewood in the house those thingamijigs were burnt as firewood. Then the thread was joined up together and the weaver used to make the cloth, and with that cloth, sheets were made.
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