Inaki Camino


  • Recording date: 1998-07-30
  • Owner: Euskarabidea-mediateka
  • Researcher: Iñaki Camino
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A06 00:13:31
(Another man joins in the conversation). He was in Tolosa during the war and in Mt. Kalamua, en was difficult to understand the people from Vizcaya, but he found it quite easy to understand the people from Durango. At that time, he did not know Spanish, now he more or less knows it, but not as well as Basque. The best Basque is from Etxarri and that spoken from Zumarraga to the area of San Sebastián. The Basque from Oñati is confusing and not very nice. The people from Bilbao are boasters but they have a good heart; the people from Guipuzcoa are tricksters, however.
A05 00:08:43
He has had various employments. He was a sailor. Only two months after embarking he got injured. He spent eighty days in a hospital abroad. In this village he worked on the land and with livestock: looking after mares, pigs, cows, sheep. They also grew wheat and corn. The work was hard but they did it with enthusiasm. Everything was done by hand. They were very shy of girls. He also worked in the forests, collecting shavings for manure and cutting down firewood. He remembers the coal-making but he did not do it himself.
A04 00:07:44
The fiestas were different in the old days. Whether the people had slept much or little in fiestas the following morning there would be parades through the village and again in the afternoons. They made the most of the fiestas because there was very little other kind of diversion available.
A03 00:07:02
His uncle worked in the Smeltering Works in Vizcaya. The war caught him by surprise when on holiday here and he was shot. He was born in 1939. The war brought family conflicts with it.
A02 00:05:18
(Speaks differently, male). The Basque spoken by the people from Vizcaya is difficult. The grandfather and two uncles worked in Vizcaya.
A01 00:00:00
(The speaker is very old. The hearing is very bad. Sometimes she speaks in Spanish).A narration about San Miguel. Medicinal herbs can be used depending on the illness. All the herbs serve for something or other, but we don’t know what each one is for. People live longer now. Now there are many advances made in medicine.
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