Irulegi Irratia


  • Recording date: 1992-12-08
  • Owner: Euskarabidea-mediateka
  • Informant: Ganine?
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Introduction: The shepherdesses. This young woman lives with her husband in the mountain.Unlike the previous cases of shepherdesses, she has a pathway to the cabin, and now it is possible to live in more comfort. More people visit the mountains and with a car there is no problem. She does some big shopping whenever she comes down.At first the children stayed with the grandparents, but later they began to shorten the week, sending them up on Tuesday afternoons. She had become a bit distant from them and now she feels closer to them. There are some things which other children have that they don’t, but it is a choice, like having TV, and she explained it to them and they accept it. They four of them talk and play together.It is not easy to make them fond of this kind of work, but now each of them has their own horse and they help a lot with the jobs. The boy likes the work and knows it, but they will not oblige him to continue it.She does not see any inconvience for women who want to live in the mountain nowadays. It is necessary to like it and everything is not available at hand, but they do have water and light. They have a washing machine to do the washing. But she likes to do it in the river with her feet in the water. A flock of sheep can provide a living. They make cheese from all the milk. They have set up a small cheese business. Making cheese from all the milk is enough to live on all summer. The preferences of the children.They have two hundred and twenty sheep. The winter work is the same as always. It hasn’t changed. But now there are more modern appliances.However, they have four hundred sheep to look after in summer but on the other hand they have more milk and with that they make the cheese and make a bigger profit.The cheese is sold at the cabin. They are in the same location and they have a camping close by. They also have their regular customers. Above all, they want to be there. She has no regrets about the choice she made.She had been in a factory for three years and she had no doubts about making the change. What costs the most effort is having to change house twice a year. There are four of them and they have a lot of things. But with the car it is not difficult. Outlines, not being tied to a machine, the mode of dressing, the simple life: that is what makes it attractive.The doors of the cabin are always open. In the mountain there is more time to talk to people. They only need the important things in life.(47:25”) Goodbye.
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