Irulegi Irratia


  • Recording date: 1993-01-19
  • Owner: Euskarabidea-mediateka
  • Informant: A. Servan
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A03 00:23:05
The woman did not take part in the Basque dances. “Las Basanderes” and the “Cantineras” from Zuberoa were men. Later the woman started to join in. At that time the only dancers were those who could dance very well.Her father was always out and about. That was his job, he was a musician. His brother went off to the war at nineteen and at the age of twenty three he gave up what he was doing to do music fulltime. He went to study in Tolosa. When his father died he started up a music band, like his father used to have. His father died in 1936, but he had disciples like Manex Urruti.(32:28”) Nowadays everything is danced much faster.The girls did not dance the “dantza-iauziak”. The girls began to dance in other parts of Spain and and then it started here as well.(In French) Those who continued the work of her father.(In French) About the accordion. (42:30”) The “Ramuntxo” band play.(44:00”) Beñat Katxetaburu plays the music of Bolant-dantza.(45:30”) Goodbye.
A02 00:13:40
The mother of Faustin also knew the “dantza-iauziak”.In Carnival the dancers used to dress in a white shirt and trousers, traditional shoes, a red beret and put colored strips around their waist. They would have a stick in the hand of colored stripes. Bolant-dantza.Characters from the Carnival: zapurrak, two men dressed up as a man and woman, basanderes, the bear, blacksmiths.The Carnival was the only time of year for some diversion. During Fiestas they would dance the classic dances: waltzes, chotis, mazurkas, fandangos and four steps. And then to finish, the dantza-iauziak. To wind up the fiestas, on the third day, they would do the farándula.
A01 00:00:00
Introduction: The daughter of the man who was a musician and dancer talks about her father.(03:10") He began to play in the fiestas when he was about sixteen or seventeen.He learnt from some people from the Magdalena and from his father. He played the clarinet and he formed a music band. He found musicians in the school music group.They would begin in Carnival and they would finish in Lent. During Lent the children would go to learn “dantza-iauziak”.
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