Irulegi Irratia


  • Record: II-008b
  • Piece: A02
  • Time: 00:13:40 - 00:23:05
  • Themes: carnival: , festivals
  • Summary: The mother of Faustin also knew the ôdantza-iauziakö.In Carnival the dancers used to dress in a white shirt and trousers, traditional shoes, a red beret and put colored strips around their waist. They would have a stick in the hand of colored stripes. Bolant-dantza.Characters from the Carnival: zapurrak, two men dressed up as a man and woman, basanderes, the bear, blacksmiths.The Carnival was the only time of year for some diversion. During Fiestas they would dance the classic dances: waltzes, chotis, mazurkas, fandangos and four steps. And then to finish, the dantza-iauziak. To wind up the fiestas, on the third day, they would do the farßndula.