Irulegi Irratia


  • Recording date: 1995-03-07
  • Owner: Euskarabidea-mediateka
  • Main theme: Shepherd life before and now.
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A05 00:36:10
He is one of the oldest shepherds in Larrain. In autumn they used to go to their houses. In the Garazi sheep area there was something curious. In the huts there would be two or three shepherds from the beginning. Each one had his task, the chores for each one. The tasks would be rotated.Wood was collected every day. How they kept things clean.(46:00") Goodbye.
A04 00:26:15
The shepherds also had their games: pelota, “urdanka”(?), They would also sing. There were also singers among the shepherds.
A03 00:16:00
The changed the roads and this brought about a big change: the arrival of cars. The huts were left empty. Now no more cheese is made. He does not see any future for the huts.(23:38") The bells are very important when it comes to bringing up or bringing down the sheep from the pass. Now they don’t bring them down walking as they used to. Now the automobiles are used for everything.
A02 00:08:15
The shepherds went out together twice a year; at "Igande Zuria" and at Magdalene.In autumn the sheep were brought down and the pigs were taken out. They had a pig-sty for the pigs.
A01 00:00:00
Introduction.He has been a shepherd for fifty-six years at the cabin. At the beginning there were more of them and each one had his particular post. "Artzain nagusia" (the principal shepherd), who made the cheese, "artzain mutila" (the shepherd), "neskatua" (the master of the house), who was a cook, "antsozaina"(?).They would be up in the mountains for seventeen days at a time and they rotated the jobs depending on that."Lukenak".(07:45") They brought the cheese down on the mules. They would make cheese until Magdalene.
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