Irulegi Irratia


  • Record: II-068a
  • Piece: A01
  • Time: 00:00:00 - 00:46:48
  • Themes: travel:
  • Summary: This couple traveled round the world last year.(02.30”) It was an organized trip. They were shown a video of an earlier trip and they decided to go after watching it. They met up in an hotel in Paris and there everything was organized. The following day they went to the airport and they took a special plane that would be just for their use for the whole trip. They did not have to worry about the people who would travel with them nor about their luggage.There were two hundred of them but there was space for twice that amount. Some eighteen or twenty people were with them for the whole period of the trip. First they went to Saudi Arabia. The hotel was most impressive. Everything was prepared for them. On the other hand, the misery of the people stood out in contrast with the incredible marbol temples. They saw the crematory and how they carried out the business, how they were burnt and thrown into the river. To believe it all you have to see it all. (13.50”) They were two days in India. From there they went to Katmandu in Nepal. They saw some villages and they were eating on the foothills of the Himalayas. Later the plane took a route off the commercial routes so as to show the incredible mountain. Then they went to Thailand. As soon as they got off the plane they saw folk dancers. They saw many things and everything was really well organized. Then they went to Bali, Indonesia and from there to Sydney, Australia. The plane could fly lower than the commercial lines and so they could get a great view of the dessert. There you could see how, unlike the other places, the tourism is not so important as a source of wealth.They went to New Zealand and they visited all over Oakland to see the land and the livestock there. They went to Tahiti. There, they were also received with folk dancing and folk shows.Easter Island. It is all stone there. There were statues of characters from an earlier time. Then they went to Mexico where they had been before. (27.08”) Then they went to Orlando and Florida. They spent one whole day in Disney World. The next day they went to Cape Kennedy by horse and cart.The trip finished there.(36.38”) In the old days they went through some tough times and now they are living the good times. Both of them like to travel and they are making the most of it. They saw many fine things but what most impressed them, was the misery and way of life of many people.The number of mutilated people in India. They have seen poverty and a hard life in many places, but never as bad as they saw in Bali. In China life is very hard but at least the people have enough to eat and the possibility to work.(44.30”) Thanks and Goodbyes.