Irulegi Irratia


  • Record: II-078b
  • Piece: A01
  • Time: 00:00:00 - 00:06:50
  • Themes: miscellaneous , religion:
  • Summary: Introduction: Father Iratzeder talks about Fr.Lertxundi.(02:15") Fr. Lertxundi was from Ziburu. His father was from Orio and his mother from Azkaian. The great-grandparents of the two families (that is, Fr. Lertxundi and Fr. Iratzeder) were related. When he was eighteen years old Lertxundi decided to become a priest) They sent him to Jerusalem and he was there for six years. By then he was already a musician. He studied the old songs from there. He returned in 1939. Here he also began collecting the old songs from village to village. In 1947 he pubished his great book ôKantikak". He returned to Jerusalem and spent fived more years there. On his return he made the Passion.