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  • Recording date: 1998-02-09
  • Owner: Euskarabidea-mediateka
  • Informant: Angel Aintziburu
  • Main theme: Dance of Luzaide/Valcarlos. Contraband.
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A09 00:42:07
Verse. Written by Bordel.Farewells.
A08 00:26:20
They lived from agriculture and livestock. Then the commercial business started on the frontier and this put a lot of business in their way.The frontier was created in 1530. And as this was set up with any questions asked, that made the people from there start to smuggle, with the motley collection of merchandize of that time. They would go to the place where it was cheapest. After the war it was mostly traffic from France into Spain. All kinds of things: traditional footwear, cloth, chocolate, sugar, flour...The period of the Carlist wars. The treatment they received. They did not suffer from that. They did not have to leave the villages.For them the smuggling has been beneficial. Clashes with the Civil guard. Anecdote.Nowadays there is not the same movement. Now drugs are passed through. Instead of catching the local people they stop those from outside.
A07 00:21:35
The "Bolant Dantza" has been danced many times and in many places. Normally it was danced in the square. What he likes best has always been any kind of carousing.
A06 00:18:27
They used to go out asking for the ôzorroö (fox). They used to collect the eggs from house to house when they went out to ask for things. They still go out to ask for something and then they have a dinner.Anecdote: the response they gave to the priest when he told them that they should also sing in church.The "maskak" used to go out with the face covered or dressed in an ugly way.
A05 00:16:25
For playing the accordion the priest refused to give them communion.
A04 00:11:47
Of the best five dancers in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, three of them were from Valcarlos. An anecdote about Kantero.He has always continued to dance in Valcarlos.The first dance in fiestas in Valcarlos was "Dantza Luze". At that time all the young people danced. He learnt from his friends.The group of dancers from Valcarlos have visited many places. In 1925 they went to Pamplona and there are songs about that.
A03 00:10:18
Verse. Written by Bordel and sung by Erramun Martikorena
A02 00:05:00
He has known Xalbador, Xanpun, Zubikoa Alkat, Esponda y Mixel as good minstrels, although he never knew Larramendi, he does know songs of his. His father used to sing by the fireside at night and that is how he learnt some. About some songs of love (from Xalbador), of war (from Bordel).
A01 00:00:00
(00.45") Introduction, introduction to ┴ngel. He has always lived there and he liked the traditions and the sports.He was at school from between the age of five and twelve years. There he learnt Spanish and French. He liked going to school very much. They would go to school, to catechism and to play pelota. They would do the house chores before going to school and in the evenings. Some 1,200 people lived in Valcarlos in 1925. Then the war came and many things were lost.
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