Irulegi Irratia


  • Record: II-111a
  • Piece: A08
  • Time: 00:26:20 - 00:42:07
  • Themes: smuggling , carlist war
  • Summary: They lived from agriculture and livestock. Then the commercial business started on the frontier and this put a lot of business in their way.The frontier was created in 1530. And as this was set up with any questions asked, that made the people from there start to smuggle, with the motley collection of merchandize of that time. They would go to the place where it was cheapest. After the war it was mostly traffic from France into Spain. All kinds of things: traditional footwear, cloth, chocolate, sugar, flour...The period of the Carlist wars. The treatment they received. They did not suffer from that. They did not have to leave the villages.For them the smuggling has been beneficial. Clashes with the Civil guard. Anecdote.Nowadays there is not the same movement. Now drugs are passed through. Instead of catching the local people they stop those from outside.