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  • Recording date: 1998-03-09
  • Owner: Euskarabidea-mediateka
  • Main theme: Market garden. With an old farmer in March.
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A03 00:14:10
(15:00") The wind causes a lot of damage.(15:45") The orientation of the field is also important.(16:16") The parslay, the garlic and the wheat are planted in March and they have their own corner of the plot. About these vegetables.(22:35”) About the peas and the beans. They are planted in May.(32:05") He cannot sow carrots because they become wasted.(33:00")to sow the tomatoe and the pepper he uses the seeds which he has gathered. The type of tomatoe and pepper which he has got.(35:37") They plant the onions in November and they are ripe in the summer.(36:43") How the garlic should be grown. (37:10") Music and Goodbyes.
A02 00:09:13
A01 00:00:00
Introduction: what has to be done in the vegetable plots in March. First, pay attention to the moon.(02:20”) the vegetables which are formed downwards should be sown in the fourth phase of the full moon. Those which grow upwards should be planted in the fourth phase of the new moon. The phases of the moon are also important when it comes to cutting down wood.In March the leeks should be sown as well as all kinds of lettuce, cabbage, carrot, parslay…They should be sown in dry earth. The manure is put down in November and December as it is then that the earth becomes strong.The month and the depth for the seeds in the earth should be taken into account.
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