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  • Recording date: 1998-10-05
  • Owner: Euskarabidea-mediateka
  • Main theme: Picking up mushrooms.
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A05 00:39:35
About the case of Morris Papeau (in French).
A04 00:30:17
(30:17")Song.(34:40") Goodbye.
A03 00:19:58
The place where he has picked the most mushrooms was under the chestnut trees.(20:55") Before the mushrooms were picked in October for the house and now there is no season where there isnĺt someone out looking for mushrooms.The mushrooms come out from morning to evening. They have the flower in the upper part, not on the trunk.(28:24") What happened with the bicycle. Anecdotes about the mushrooms.
A02 00:15:33
A01 00:00:00
Introduction.(01:55ö) This year there have been few mushrooms.(03:05") He learnt to rocognize the mushrooms from his mother. He has covered up to a hundred kilometers in one year. But once he got poisoned and since then he has never eaten even one. About some types of mushroom.Anecdote: To collect mushrooms he would even let the pidgeons pass over.He has always paid attention to the lunar phases. This year it rained during the waning moon and consequently there were few mushrooms.(12:35") In May, when he was with the sheep in the hills, he would pick mushrooms.
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