Irulegi Irratia


  • Recording date: 1999-03-15
  • Owner: Euskarabidea-mediateka
  • Main theme: Fishing long ago.
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The best places are the mountain rivers. Because the only thing found there is the livestock.(43:20") Goodbye.
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Between the worms there are also differences. It is necessary to leave the worms for a day or two after gathering them, because if not, the fish is more slippery.Fish do not hear but they see very well. The snares used for the different waters. Fishing has many secrets to it.There was a period when he made a living from this activity. But nowadays it is not possible to fish as much as before. Before, there were less fishermen and if they did go fishing one day they would not come back for another four or five days. Now that there are so many fishermen, the fish come out ten times less than they used to, because now they are easily frightened.
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It is necessary to have patience in order to fish. He does not do it to sell them but because he likes it and just to take home. Before, there were more fish and bigger ones. In that place there are only trout. (25:00”) They would go walking to fish in the Irati. They would go part of the way by bicycle and the rest on foot.At that time there were no people and they always caught fish but, as there were no fridges they had to eat them all in a short time. Before, the rods were made from bamboo. They used thread, lead and worms. He has always used worms. He would gather them the day before. Then he would leave them without any earth.
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The length of the fishing hook depends on the width of the river. It should be made of bamboo and should be cast towards the back side of the fish. The biggest fish he has caught were with the worm and the feather (fly?).He has also fished with a net, with his hand and with a “tertula”. What is a “tertula”? It should be set at night and taken up at night.There are also fish for big nets, of three layers. That is prohibited. The night should be dark, without moonlight, so that they cannot be seen.White clothes must never be worn; only dark clothes. The size of the nets. They should be set in the river rather loose. They should be taken up early the next morning before sunrise. He has also fished by hand. The fish have become smaller and there are less of them, especially in Aldudes. Before, the barriers of the mills were made of wood and the fish could lie there easily. Now they are made of stone. Also the fish must go to the streams to spawn and now there are no streams.
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Introduction.(02:25") It is better for the water to be a bit murky so that the fish do not see the fisherman. The best time to fish is the springtime when the leaves are flowering.More than the moon, the wind has an influence. The best wind comes from the South. The importance of the Moon: whether it is a clear or a cloudy night has an influence, as the fish need to see in order to search for food.
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