Irulegi Irratia


  • Record: II-141b
  • Piece: A03
  • Time: 00:17:25 - 00:33:57
  • Themes: animal husbandry: , animal husbandry: , animal husbandry: , animal husbandry:
  • Summary: He wanted to go to AmÚrica. But it was not possible from Spain. Finding a good flock of sheep was easier than it is now.When the lambs are born.The criteria employed to know if a sheep is a good one: weight, bones, tits. It could be that even a good sheep becomes indolent.The sheep lasts well for about six or seven years. It is important that they should have good teeth, they will last a couple of years more than one with bad teeth. The sheep give birth in February and March. That is why they are brought down at the beginning of February and they are brought up again in May to the mountain.Lambs. At the moment of giving birth it is important to position the lamb. Births with problems. After birth they have milk for six or seven months. They gave them the ram in September.