Irulegi Irratia


  • Record: II-146a
  • Piece: A04
  • Time: 00:17:07 - 00:46:17
  • Themes: improvised verse
  • Summary: He also made some verses for the Pope’s visit because when he arrived to Spain he kissed the ground but when he came to the Baque Country he didn’t do the same.He writes about things that affect him. To try to express things as they really are.(19:00”) The Pope’s verses were sung by Manex himself.(22:50”) How he made the Loyola verses. He sings the verses written in 1992.(26:35”) He made the Miranda verses in August 1943. How he got pen and pencil.There is nothing like misery to get people to stir themselves.(30:42”) Miranda’s verses sung by Manex himself.(36:05”) He has always been writing more or less. He was a subscriber to “Enbata” and sent off verses.Much less abandon his ideals, he has had them reinforced. The sentiment about Euskal Herria is something inate. (43:54") Goodbye.