Irulegi Irratia


  • Recording date: 1997-06-22
  • Owner: Euskarabidea-mediateka
  • Informant: Piarre Uhalde
  • Main theme: Games in the mountain. Life in the mountain.
  • Permission to query: Free
  • Permission to publish: Limited
  • Sound quality: Good
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He stayed in the mountains from May to December. He spent the best days of the year there, but he has no regrets because he likes the mountains. Some summers, he looked after more than 300 cows which did not belong to him in the mountains. In the mountains, he always got around by foot or donkey. He does not go to the mountains every day any more. He understands that now sheep do not need a shepherd with them all day. Sometimes, not many, he got together with other shepherd to have dinner or amuse themselves. They did not play “mus” much. He did not play, but the shepherds used to get together to play “pilota” in places that they called “pilota”, throwing a ball from one to another.
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Life in the mountains. Wool. The mountain shepherds made thread with black wool and stockings with the thread. They fluffed up the wool by hand. Thread was made by rolling the wool on a wooden pin. They made soleless socks. The shepherd that used the hut before him taught him how to do it.
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