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  • Recording date: 2000-05-29
  • Owner: Euskarabidea-mediateka
  • Informant: Henri Aritxabalet "Coyos"
  • Main theme: His life.
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  • Permission to publish: Limited
  • Sound quality: Good
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The friends that he has now. Some of the nurses know Basque. He reads as well in Basque as he does in French. He understands better the zuberotarra than the batua (standardized form). He has a certain interest in culture.He does not play any instruments but he used to dance. Nowadays most of the dancing groups are girls. His dancing teacher. About the pastorals and the fiestas.In Maule French, Spanish and Basque could be heard because many Spanish worked in the factories.(45:50") Goodbye.
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A05 00:27:05
The Basque language is being lost. In the old days the only language spoken in the homes was Basque. (28:40") The kind of songs there were then for the fiestas. Now he turns on the radio early in the morning and he hears new songs. About the radio.
A04 00:23:38
He did not go to the fiestas in other villages very often, as he had to go by bicycle.That would take about two hours. The accordion players played and wine was drunk.(25:35") The rivalry of the masquerades.
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A02 00:16:00
As a young man he took part in masquerades and pastorals .The pastoral of 1952, in homage to Topet Etxaun.
A01 00:00:00
He was born in Barkoxe in 1920 in the Coyos house. There were two brothers and two sisters. He went to school for seven years up to the age of fourteen. After that he started to work on the land at his home.His sisters learnt to sew and cook.(06:00ö) Then the war started. There were other young men in Zuberoa. The Basque speakers spoke in Basque to each other.When he returned home he took up agricultural work again. The War lasted until 1945. Little food and black breadů the Germans in the war.(12:55ö) In war time there were no fiestas in the village. When it finished in 1945, a big fiesta was held to celebrate the event. He was twenty-five years old then.He has always worked on the land since then and he has seen the evolution of that. He also had sheep and in summer he would take them up to the mountain. He got married in 1954 when he was thirty-four. He had five children.
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