Irulegi Irratia


  • Recording date: 2000-10-16
  • Owner: Euskarabidea-mediateka
  • Informant: Joseph Sanchotena
  • Main theme: Hunting in Urepel long ago. Contraband.
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When he was young and before going to America, he used to smuggle horses and mules. Any old thing was smuggled; they normally used to pass through Irisarri and Esnazu. The route. When the guards discovered them, they ran away leaving the load behind them. On those occasions they lost their dayĺs wages. They were paid 5000 francs a night, while those working as farm workers in houses earned 2000 a month.
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There was a lot of money to be earned in America. At first, you felt sad because you were a lot way from your native land, but you got over it. They worked hard and were paid very well.
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Shotguns before used to have two shots, modern ones have five. They used Spanish cartridges because they were cheaper. They bought them in Elizondo. To hunt wild boar, they did not form groups as big as they do now. Two or three people got together. It was very difficult to find them, there were not so many as there are now. There are less rabbits and hares now, maybe because they spread a lot of poison in the mountains nowadays. Some say that they the pigeons do not stop to rest in the woods here because there are enormous cornfields in France where they eat their fill.
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In Autumn, he devotes his time to hunting. There are too many hunters and too few pigeons nowadays. When he was young, there were not many hunters, just those from the village. They made hides in the treetops. Some of the pigeons that they trapped in nets in Alduides were kept alive for use as lures. The eyes of the pigeons used as lures are covered so that they do not move and the wild pigeons stop near them when they see them. Muggy weather is the best for shooting pigeons. The pigeons are frightened when they arrive now because they are shot at all over France. They now take 300 or 400 cartridges; they used to take 20 or 30. They used to sell the pigeons they killed.
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Presentation. When he was 13 years old, he went to Esnazu and then to America when he was 24. He lives there and returns to Urepel from time to time. The way of life of labourers in the old days: everything was done by hand because there were no tractors.
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