Irati Irratia


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Hiriberri/Villanueva de Aezkoa
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A01 00:00:00
They used to live in the Iturburu house and now they live in Mendia. They went to Mendia when Lorenza got married to Emilio Arrese.Her father was a great joker. They tell tales of witches which their father had told them. The witches would gather at the hill of Pettiriberro, which is over there.A woman asked the priest if the witches really existed and if so, what kind of creatures they were and he told her that they were just like her.Another time her father went to help a girl who asked for help because the witches had left her at the bank of the river, but when they arrived at her house he realized it was a joke.
A02 00:09:35
When the night bells were rung they had to go home, before nightfall.When they were twenty-two years old their fathers would not let them go to fiestas.Another time they finished all their work and they went off running to the fiestas.In the village there was music everyday.Young men would go to the house and dance with them in front of their parents.
A03 00:13:35
Those from good families would give five hundred pesetas as a dowry.Most people got married to people from the town. Nowadays less people get married. Those from the best houses are remaining single. Before anyone who remained single was not from lack of proposals. The single women would look after their parents.
A04 00:18:35
She was working in the hotel for thirteen years, when she was single. After getting married she started sewing at home. How she learnt to sew.
A05 00:19:35
Tomasa remained a spinster and they talk about that.When she was young she worked away.Many women from there would go out as shepherdesses. Stories about other women.
A06 00:23:10
For pains in the tummy they took camomile.In the old days the people had more resistance. Nowadays they go too often to the doctor. In the village there has always been a good doctor.She had a colic.
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