Song book of Leitza

The collected of the song book of Leitza frames inside the collected of the oral culture, because the song is part of the immaterial heritage. The collected has structured of the following way, using only some basic questions, which could serve as starting point for future investigations: - title of the song - when and where was it learned - when is it sung in the locality - other characteristics Team of work: Musical direction: Jose Inazio Lopez Luzuriaga (Professor of the conservatoire of San Sebastián) Direction of the immaterial cultural heritage: Eugenio Arraiza Compiler: Kristina Urrutia (journalist) Coordinator of the compilation: Juan Velez Technical edition: Nerea Amigot and Aritz Ibañez
Record Towns Dialects Maps Main theme Title Informant
LKANT-001 Pilar Azpirotz
LKANT-002 Pilar Azpirotz
LKANT-003 Pilar Azpirotz
LKANT-004 Pilar Azpirotz
LKANT-005 Carmen Azpirotz
LKANT-006 Carmen Azpirotz
LKANT-007 Carmen Azpirotz. Pilar Azpirotz.
LKANT-008 Carmen Azpirotz. Pilar Azpirotz.
LKANT-009 Carmen Azpirotz. Pilar Azpirotz.
LKANT-010 Carmen Azpirotz. Pilar Azpirotz.
LKANT-011 Carmen Azpirotz. Pilar Azpirotz.
LKANT-012 Carmen Azpirotz. Pilar Azpirotz.
LKANT-013 Itziar Azpirotz
LKANT-014 Itziar Azpirotz
LKANT-015 Itziar Azpirotz
LKANT-016 Itziar Azpirotz
LKANT-017 Itziar Azpirotz
LKANT-018 Itziar Azpirotz
LKANT-019 Itziar Azpirotz
LKANT-020 Itziar Azpirotz
LKANT-023 Itziar Azpirotz
LKANT-024 Itziar Azpirotz
LKANT-025 Pilartxo Sagastibeltza
LKANT-026 Pilartxo Sagastibeltza
LKANT-027 Pello Agirre
LKANT-028 Pello Agirre
LKANT-029 Pello Agirre
LKANT-030 Pello Agirre
LKANT-031 Pello Agirre
LKANT-032 Pello Agirre
LKANT-033 Pello Agirre. Arantxa Agirre.
LKANT-034 Pello Agirre. Arantxa Agirre.
LKANT-035 Pello Agirre. Arantxa Agirre.
LKANT-036 Pello Agirre. Arantxa Agirre.
LKANT-037 Pello Agirre. Arantxa Agirre.
LKANT-038 Pello Agirre. Arantxa Agirre.
LKANT-039 Pello Agirre. Arantxa Agirre.
LKANT-040 Pello Agirre. Arantxa Agirre.
LKANT-041 Pello Agirre
LKANT-042 Pello Agirre
LKANT-043 Pello Agirre
LKANT-044 Pello Agirre
LKANT-045 Pello Agirre
LKANT-046 Pello Agirre
LKANT-047 Pello Agirre
LKANT-048 Pello Agirre
LKANT-049 Pello Agirre
LKANT-050 Pello Agirre
LKANT-051 Arantxa Agirre
LKANT-052 Arantxa Agirre