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A08 00:10:10
The rafts were made from pine wood in Autumn. Explanation as to the word “lerrena” (pine). They would go as far as Sangüesa and Zaragoza.
A07 00:09:50
Weather and the winter snows.
A06 00:08:22
During Carnival, the men would go around houses asking for things and be given cooked pork products. They would dance a lot accompanied by guitar and accordion music.
A05 00:07:05
Nativity song (07.12"- 08.00").
A04 00:06:24
Dancing costume.
A03 00:06:00
The fiestas of Uztárroz would be held around the Day of San Juan (June 24th).
A02 00:04:55
Euskera was only spoken at home.
A01 00:00:00
Presentation. Personal questions (name, place and date of birth). Lifestyle in Uztárroz among young people. Mountain work with a hoe and hikes after sheep. The men would go with the sheep on their seasonal migration to La Ribera and the girls would go to France to make espadrilles. Explanation as to the word “kota” and its derivatives.
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