Orreaga Ibarra

Recording collection of the dialects of Orreaga Ibarra. These recordings with "N-" in the beginning of the word belong to school works made by students and collaborators.
Record Towns Dialects Maps Main theme Title Informant
N-001 Free conversation: family, ancient life, holiday, work, Basque language┤s decadence, Christmas time, Easter, pets. Balen Encaje
N-002 Francisca CÝa
N-003 Free conversation: school memories, military service, work, carnivals...
N-004 Ana Sarobe
N-005 Free conversation: mountain, picking up mushrooms, ┤ young people hardly go to the forest┤, Mezeingo borda. Joxemari
N-006 Free conversation: how the local festivities are like, festivities in the Barranca.
N-007 Free conversation: how the conscripts┤s reunions were like, rave-ups, customs. Juan Huarte
N-009 interview: Pastures of Aralar, ancient events, woman┤s quarrel. Matrimonio de edad avanzada.
N-010 Free conversation: how working day was like (breakfast, field work, food,...), mill, bread elaboration, talo elaboration, pig lilling, black pudding deal... Mikaela Berastegi Flores
N-012 Free conversation: shepherd work, cheese manufacture, baker mother, food and hunger, retirement. Bernardo Mendinueta Mendinueta
N-013 Free conversation: in Erratzu and Amaiur, husband, family, tenant farmer┤s life, how to bring up a 6 monts old baby, soon and daughters. Josefa Irigoien Bikondo (1903)
N-014 Free conversation: when he was a child in the village nobody spoke Spanish, at school in Spanish, mothers in Spanish with her children, politics... Juan Gortari Ugarte.
N-015 Free conversation: shepherd life in Aralar... Jesus Ganboa Alberro
N-016 Free conversation: biographical notes, family, festivities in sorrounding villages, carnivals. Teresa Goldaraz
N-017 Jose Ignazio Odriozola
N-018a Free conversation: contraband. Fermin Otxandorena
N-018b Free conversation: life in the farm house, ancient memories, misfortunes, family... Javiera Arrijuria
N-018c Free conversation: field and mountain works (plough, kind, forest...). Argument between Martina and Jose: men and women. Martina, Joxe
N-018d Free conversation: dove hunting with nets, hunting description, hunters: bad times for hunting; hunting season.
N-019 Free conversation: childhood memories, life, work, events... M¬ Josefa Go˝i, Fernando (1933)
N-020 Free conversation: ancient way of life of Baztan, agriculture, work in the forest, shepherd in America, contraband.
N-021 Free conversation: childhood memories and youth. Beatriz Iribarren Irigoien
N-022 Free conversation: youth memories, life, customs, festivities... Gloria Iturralde
N-024 Free conversation: cider elaboration (types of apple , instruments, press...).
N-025 Free conversation: childhood memories, school, ┤Asto zarra mukizu┤ song and others...
N-026 Free conversation: family, need, work; contraband. Juan Aranburu Mikeo
N-028 Free conversation: carnivals, holiday.
N-029 Free conversation: stories about his father, family, Elizondo, Spanish speaker / Baztan Basque speaker, work of the Basque school, situation before the war, novelist, lexicographer, Basque language┤s future, bertsozale... Mariano Izeta Elizalde
N-030 Free conversation: borda / farm house, farm works, cheese elaboration, cottage cheese, bakers of Baztan, family... Roman Mihura Ezkurra
N-031 Free conversation: life during youth, work and holidays, bets...
N-032 Free conversation: games (hiding place, ball, knucklebones, game sing of tossing up coins...).
N-033 Free conversation: family stories, life, studies, dialects of Etxaleku and Amaiur. Leire Zabaltza
N-034 Free conversation: sports centre of Arbizu.
N-035 Free conversation: Basque language┤s problem, school, punishments against Basque language, language┤s loss in Etxarri, unified Basque. Manuel Mundi˝ano
N-036 Free conversation: mill work, proportions of wheat / flour, the disappearance of the mill... Pablo Jauregi Flores (64 urte)
N-037 Free conversation: family, civil war, baker job. Anbroxio
N-038 Free conversation: people of Etxarri┤s personality , events, humour. Joseba Beramendi
N-040 Free conversation and interview.
N-041a Ander (1960)
N-041b Free conversation: going to Pamplona, family, sunny days, animals┤rut, field works, San Fermin festivities, in Tolosa, cooker in Pentzia, young time, nuns... Feli Artieda (1935)
N-042 Joxepa Antoni
N-043 Free conversation: school, only one Spanish speaker teacher, houseworks, childhood memories, Basque language┤s memories, foreign people┤s influence... Kontxi
N-044 Free conversation: pig killing, making black puddings, txistorra and choosing pieces... Pilar
N-046 Free conversation: young time life, soldier in Africa, war...