Orreaga Ibarra


  • Record: N-001
  • Piece: A06
  • Time: 00:10:57 - 00:16:27
  • Themes: anecdote
  • Summary: In winter, due to the snow, it was difficult to feed the livestock which were in the barns. She has always liked animals, but the big ones a bit less. When she used to go to the rosary, a lamb, a goat and the dog would follow behind her. Once they kept a piglet in the house and she used to feed it. The day that they were going to kill it the pig did not want to come out of the house and they called her to get her to make the pig come out. The speaker went into the house and with her voice she coaxed the animal out of the house. When it came out the waiting men grabbed it and killed it. She has never forgotten the pain of that episode.