Orreaga Ibarra


  • Record: N-002
  • Piece: A03
  • Time: 00:14:30 - 00:14:31
  • Themes: miscellaneous
  • Summary: They were very religious. They used to go to the chapels, not in processions, but to make rogatives. They used to take bread to mass as an offering. Mass was held in Latin and the sermon was given in Basque. Some wealthy families with several servants used to live in Aldatz. The men used to play ômusö in the inn on Sundays. The first time they saw a car, they were surprised at the power that it had. Her husband got out of being sent to the war because a clerk that they knew sent him home. Life is easier now than it was when she was young. Young people nowadays have happier lives than their predecessors.