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Arantza is the village in Navarra with the highest number of farmhouses. There was a period when many people emigrated to find work in France, in Paris, in the French-Basque country or in Landes. When the “Laminations” factory opened, people went there to work and did not have to go away. Nearly everyone can speak Basque in Arantza and they do use it.
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During Franco’s time, the carnival was prohibited. However, they celebrated it anyway. There were two types of fancy dress, black and white. The white ones would go around the houses asking for something with the accordion and they were the good people. The ones dressed in black would carry the animal bells and scare the children. Only the men would dress up in that way.
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Where his parents are from. He has studied and he works in the teaching profession. In Arantza the custom of the Olentzero did not exist, but the children on the afternoon of the 24th of December would make a Nativity and they would go out to the street and sing some Xmas songs. What they got from the different houses they called on, would go towards a meal. That night the choir from the church would come out to sing in the street. On the sixth of January, day of the Kings, there would be a parade.
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