Orreaga Ibarra


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A05 00:12:00
As a serving-girl she had to do everything: make the beds, wash up, mop the floor, wax the floorůShe had people in charge of her who were Basque speakers and Spanish speakers. The situation of the Spanish-speaking mistress. The only free time was a Sunday afternoon.
A04 00:09:30
In the school they had a book and a notebook but they were taught the catechism and some skills, to sew and to embroidery.
A03 00:08:30
Snails. There is a custom of eating them at Xmas.
A02 00:05:35
Her father used to make cider for the house but now they donĺt do it. They have never liked the idea of going to cider-houses. About the cider-houses roundabout.
A01 00:00:00
In the school all the children were from the farm houses around, there were no children from the town. They used to eat at school. When they got out of school they would help with the chores at home. At the age of nine she made his communion and went to work as a serving girl. She went away because she wanted to go and not because her parents wanted it. She was in one house for two years and then she went to another one. She went to San Sebastian and she stayed there. Later her sister got married and she went to Urnieta. She was with them and there she found a boyfriend. She never liked the fiestas. She never learnt to dance. They would go out for a stroll the night before and then go home. Then she got married and she went to Hernani and she has been there for fifty-five years. Before there were eleven of them and now she lives alone.
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