Orreaga Ibarra


  • Owner: Euskarabidea-mediateka
  • Informant: Dominika Zabaleta Aierdi
  • Researcher: Maider Aldaia Buldain
  • Main theme: Free conversation: family, escuela, how the work day was like, parents, wedding, soon and daughters and grandchildren, war, ancient festivities, factory, Basque language of Leitza, ┤Goenkale┤ of ETB...
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A05 00:10:27
The Basque language from Leitza is not very attractive, it is a bit crude. The language from Guip˙zcoa is more attractive. She watches the Basque-speaking TV, Euskal Telebista, every day and she enjoys the program, Goenkale. She understands everything on it.
A04 00:08:58
When the factory was built a lot of people came to Leiza to live. At the beginning few people from Leiza went there to work. The small farmers went there to work but the larger ones and all those who had livestock did not want to work there. Later they repented.
A03 00:05:38
The fiestas in the old days. The fiestas take place on the day of Saint Tiburcio. There were ôezpatadanzarisö (dancers) and games of pelota. They had to be in the house before the sacristan rang the nightly church bells. There were no heifers let loose in the streets. During the Carnivalonly the young men would dress up in fancy dress. In the plaza the accordion player and the flute-players would play music. That was the only diversion they had. Since her youth things have changed a lot.
A02 00:05:09
During the war the village became deserted. They had to work a lot but they had food to eat.
A01 00:00:00
She began school at the age of six and she left it at the age of fourteen because she had to help out at home. The daily chores: get up in the morning, clean the house, help her father with the livestock or on the land. Her parents were strict and she had to obey them always. She got married in the church in Leiza after four years of courting. On their honeymoon they went to Pamplona for three days. They had six children and they have eleven grandchildren.
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