Nafarroako Esaera Zaharrak

Old sayings Basques of Navarre. They are the sayings collected by Damaso de Inza in his book Naparroa-ko euskal esaera zarrak. He performed the first compilation in the period 1912-1936 and a second between 1936-1973. The researcher made these observations: -The sayings are written exactly how informants told him. When using the h-is because in that town that sound is pronounced. -In many proverbs are used in parentheses () to indicate that what is in them is an explanation of the researcher and not something said by informants.
Record Towns Dialects Maps Main theme Title Informant
NEZ-001 Urdiain. Proverbs..
NEZ-002 Arakil. Proverbs.
NEZ-003 Arbizu. Proverbs..
NEZ-004 Arruazu. Proverbs..
NEZ-005 Bakaiku. Proverbs..
NEZ-006 Ergoiena. Proverbs..
NEZ-007 Etxarri-Aranatz. Proverbs..
NEZ-008 Irañeta. Proverbs..
NEZ-009 Lakuntza. Proverbs..
NEZ-010 Lizarraga. Proverbs..
NEZ-011 Olazagutía. Proverbs..
NEZ-012 Barranca. Proverbs.
NEZ-013 Uharte-Arakil. Proverbs..
NEZ-014 Unanu. Proverbs..
NEZ-015 Zuhatzu. Proverbs..
NEZ-016 Araitz. Proverbs..
NEZ-017 Betelu. Proverbs..
NEZ-018 Gaintza. Proverbs..
NEZ-019 Albiasu. Proverbs..
NEZ-020 Aldatz. Proverbs..
NEZ-021 Azpirotz. Proverbs..
NEZ-022 Baraibar. Proverbs..
NEZ-023 Iribas. Proverbs..
NEZ-024 Lekunberri. Proverbs..
NEZ-025 Madotz. Proverbs..
NEZ-026 Uitzi. Proverbs..
NEZ-027 Larraun. Proverbs..
NEZ-028 Larraun. Proverbs..
NEZ-029 Larraun. Proverbs..
NEZ-030 Larraun. Proverbs..
NEZ-031 Larraun. Proverbs..
NEZ-032 Larraun. Proverbs..
NEZ-033 Areso. Proverbs..
NEZ-034 Leitza. Proverbs..
NEZ-035 Arano. Proverbs..
NEZ-036 Goizueta. Proverbs..
NEZ-037 Eraso. Proverbs..
NEZ-038 Etxaleku. Proverbs..
NEZ-039 Goldaratz. Proverbs.
NEZ-040 Imotz. Proverbs.
NEZ-041 Imotz. Proverbs.
NEZ-042 Imotz. Proverbs.
NEZ-043 Latasa. Proverbs.
NEZ-044 Muskitz. Proverbs..
NEZ-045 Oskotz. Proverbs..
NEZ-046 Urritza. Proverbs.
NEZ-047 Arrarats. Proverbs.
NEZ-048 Basaburua. Proverbs.
NEZ-049 Basaburua. Proverbs.
NEZ-050 Basaburua. Proverbs.