Patziku Perurena


  • Record: PP-033
  • Piece: B01
  • Time: 00:00:00 - 00:32:02
  • Themes: anecdote , miscellaneous
  • Summary: His mother arrived as a serving girl at seven years of age. The woman of the house where she was got gangerine in her leg and when they told her that the leg would have to come off she said she would rather die. The woman died and his mother had to look after the ten children. She was in that house until she got married at the age of nineteen. The parents of her husband had a serving boy and a serving girl but instead of helping in the house they would do bad things and they left them without anything.More stories about the family.The uncles went off to America in 1930. As the war was coming they wanted to take the nephews and nieces with them. But they did not want the parents to be left all alone so someone stayed behind with them.Stories of the family here and over there.The husbands and wives of the brothers and sisters.