Jose Maria Satrustegi┤s recording collection. The recordings are divided in the following collections;
With code S belong to an original source of magnetic oil.
With code SA belong to "Arbizu" collection.
With code SC belong to "California" collection.
With code SD belong to "Denetarik" collection.
With code SG belong to "Gipuzkoa" collection.
With code SH belong to "Uharte-Arakil" collection.
With code SK belong to "Kultur-gaiak" collection.
With code SM belong to "Mezkiritz" collection.
With code SN belong to "Nafarroa" collection.
With code SR belong to "Arruazu" collection.
With code SS belong to "Sakana" collection.
With code SU belong to "Urdiain" collection.
With code SZ belong to "Lukas Zufiaurre".
Record Towns Dialects Maps Main theme Title Informant
S-001a Verse singers festival. Xalbador-Mattin
S-001b Verse singers festival. Xalbador-Mattin
S-002b Mattin-Mitxelena
S-003a Mattin-Xalbador
S-003b Mattin-Xalbador
S-004a Lecture of entrance in Euskaltzaindia.
S-004b Mattin-Xalbador
S-005a J.M. Satrustegi joins Euskaltzaindia. Verses after lunch. Xalbador-Mattin
S-005b (The first part is in Spanish). Jokes. Doing an impression of two teachers. Second part: conversation between Xalbador and Mattin. Xalbador-Mattin
S-006a Basque dialect of Roncal. Simona Anaut. Hualdo Hualde. Ricarda PÚrez. Teodora Layana.
S-006b Hualdo Hualde. Teodoro de Miguel, Hualdo Hualde.
S-007a Tales. 1-Biographical details. 2-Two women of Bakaiku. 3-Robbery of a shirt (the old donkey and the wolf). 4-Clash with dynamite between people of Iturmendi and Urdiain. 5-The fox, the squirrel and the dog. 6-Event of Ataun (robbery of a cow). 7-The rat and the weasel. 8-The bullock, the donkey, the wolf, the fox and the man. Lucas Zufiaurre
S-007b The previous one continues (coal dealers┤ appetite). 1-Old songs. 2-Ur goiena, ur barrena. 3-The three students. 4-The snake drowned in wine. 5-The tooth of Erdozia. 6-The bet, the badger┤s march. Lucas Zufiaurre
S-008a Songs: "Jaungoikua nahi dugu denok", "Urtiak il bi ditu", "Pazkutan den alegerena". 1- Milakotx the big eater 2- The Devil┤s agreement 3- The hare flees through the window 4- The milkman of Zegama y the mayor. 5- The stupid of Arburu 6- Two mice and the fox 7-Old Ondarra┤s money 8- The muleteers and the train 9- Xeberoin ihuntzia 10- The miller of Iturmendi 11- The jentiles of Urdiain: La Rock of Iturrizar (the boy under the arm), The jentil in the sea, The fountain of the wee, The jentiles of Urdiain (to give something to eat). 12- Two thieves┤ eggs. 13- The teachers┤ fart. 14- Txitxigorri txitxipan (song) Lucas Zufiaurre
S-008b 1- The son of a good country house. 2- Artzainbaratza 3- The farmer and the monkey 4- The monkey and the soldiers 5- The bird and the ant. 6- Juan de Bote, he killed seven Moorish people in one go. 7- Funny anecdotes of de Lakuntza 8- Impossible to get upset with your wife. 9- Dead man 10- The txuntxun of Lakuntzea 11- The mouse in the wine 12- Mary-Martin and Juan-Esteban 13- Just one saucepan and it broke 14- The mule, the muleteer and the wolf 15- Where was born Jesus Christ? 16- Twenty cows. Twenty leathers 17- The witch and the spun 18- Maritxiki under the distaff 19- Mice reunion. 20- Lent songs 21- The bet of Erdozia 22- Joxe Mari┤s girlfriend 23- Neither this nor that, that one! 24- the thieves of Lantz 25- The mares of Alsasua 26- Two sisters of Ataun Lucas Zufiaurre
S-009a 25 amused tales 1-The king┤s servant 2-Marimartin and Juan Esteban 3-The farmer girl┤s songs 4-The doctor┤s wolf cub. 5-Wolfs in the streets of Urdiain 6-The priest┤s dog. 7-The blind wild boar 8-The wolf who run away 9-the donkey and the cherry seller 10-That who was born poor never will become rich. 11-Further, richer 12-Long nights of Paris 13-The bush and the fox 14-The purgatory of the priest of Lizarraga 15- The sermon of the dead and revived priest 16-San Pedro eats bread 17- Jesus Christ ox blacksmith 18-Saint Martin and the maize 19-Saint Martin goats 20-Txoria (bird) visto Harria (stone) tirau 21-The hostel of Arlabßn 22-The men of 23- Loose dogs and tied stones 24-The one who could not read and the intelligent one. 25-San Peter┤s bees Lucas Zufiaurre
S-009b Extract of Basque language of Roncal (it is not a good recording) Simona Anaut Garde-Hualdo Hualde
S-010a Lucas Zufiaurre
S-010b Lucas Zufiaurre
S-011a Lucas Zufiaurre
S-011b Lucas Zufiaurre
S-012a Saint Peter┤s song (argument between Alsasua and Urdiain). Saint Juan┤s song. Singer: Lucas Zufiaurre (original band). Lucas Zufiaurre
S-013a Ethnology. Manuel Berjera Sasißin
S-013b Customs of Urdiain. Zortziko of Urdiain.
S-014a Song of the Virgin of Erkunden. Festivities and customs. Juanita Larrea.
S-014b Saint Juan┤s song. Luzia Zufiaurre (original). Pedroangel┤s song (Lukas Zufiaurre). Song of Bakaiku (Lukas Zufiaurre). Urgoiena of Etxarri. Valcarlos. Juan Kruz Arrosagarai. Bordel┤s grandchild┤s song. (He lives in California). Urdiain. Maritxu Galarza tells some stories. Lukas Zufiaurre. Juan Kruz Arrosagarai. Maritxu Galarza. Juanita Larrea.
S-015a Firewood supper (at priest┤s). Mattin Mottela. Isidoro Zubeldia. Inaxio Andueza. Patxi Billonekua. Martin Garziandia.
S-015b Priest stories. Proverbs of Lakuntza. Pedro Migel Satrustegi. Luis Satrustegi. Pedro Antonio Otxagabia.